German dolls (Schneider dolls specifically) w/ traditional german handiwork and folk clothing! German dolls (Schneider dolls specifically) .. traditional german handiwork and folk clothing for sale at Each doll wonderfully expresses Germany's cultural traditions. Ordnung heute! dolls, german dolls, schneider dolls, schneider, traditional, folk, clothing, doll, for sale, order, buy, purchase, Germany, cultural, traditions, ethnic, imports, online, GERMANY, imported, gifts, heritage, gift, items, products, merchandise, old world, bavaria, austria, oley, pennsylvania, ernst licht,
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"Order German Dolls Online TODAY!"

Here at Ernst Licht we're proud to offer a large selection of imported German dolls. These dolls appeal to collectors on many levels, offering lively and engaging examples of traditional German handiwork and folk clothing.

Dolls are wonderful expressions of cultural traditions. Our German dolls express the native dress styles of different regions of Germany and Austria. From hair styles down to their hand-stitched shoes, they each present a quaint and timeless view of country life.

Our charming German dolls are lovingly handmade with enough attention to detail and mood to captivate any child. Yet, these authentic items are painstakingly crafted to the highest standards--any collector will thrill over their handmade traditional German clothing and the authenticity of their regional appearances. You can find German style dolls in different venues, but only authentic quality imported dolls match the standards that you hold.

We've been in the importing business for 35 years, and have established business relations with the most talented native craftspeople in Germany. Not only are materials and designs true to tradition, but so are the expressions and feelings conveyed! The wonderful thing about our online German gift shop is its ability to connect collectors and fans with items from their cultural roots. Our German dolls are a fascinating and much-loved way to bring true heritage and emotion into your home!

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