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German Clothing

At we strive to bring you a great selection of German Clothing for the whole family. Exploring German heritage and cultural traditions is a fun and wonderful way to treasure the past. We carry children sizes in all of our quality authentic German Clothes, including Lederhosen, Pettipants, Dirndl Dresses, Bundhosen, Platterhosen, Aprons, Blouses, Dirndls, Shirts, Shoes, Socks, and Suspenders. 

Browse our selection of German Clothing which includes Aprons, in Jessica and Wendy styles; Blouses, in jessica and wendy styles; Bundenhosen, in boys black and brown colors; Dirndls, in plaid, heidi, Jessica, Kelly, lauren, and wendy styles; Lederhosen, in boys black, gray and more styles; Pettipants, available in white cotton; Platterhosen, available in boys black and embroidered; as well as german clothing shirts, shoes, socks and suspenders in a variety of styles and colors. 

Whether you need German Clothing, an Oktoberfest Costume, or an authentic german imported Beer Stein, Ernstlicht: Embroidery and Imports is here to help. Shop here for Octoberfest and enjoy all the German imports we carry! Don’t forget to browse our high quality embroidered selection of imported German Clothing for adults including Dirndls and Lederhosen!