Buttons & Hooks

  • Triple Edelweiss button

    Button measuring 1/2 inch in diameter with three edelweiss flowers.

    $1.00 BUT:517
  • Large Edelweiss Button

    Imported from Germany.

    $1.30 BUT:549
  • Floral button

    Button measures 1/2 inches.

    $1.25 BUT:514
  • Square designed Button

    Button measuring 1/2 inches.

    $1.50 BUT:516
  • Small Stag horn button

    Button made from stag horn with two holes for thread.

    $3.00 BUT:521
  • Large Stag Horn Button

    Button made from stag horn with two holes for thread.

    $4.00 BUT:522
  • Lederhosen Button

    Available in gray or black. Imported from Germany.

    $1.25 BUT:523
  • Lederhosen Button with Leather Tab

    Lederhosen replacement plastic button with leather tab

    $2.00 BUT:523T
  • Small Edelweiss Hook

    Small edelweiss pewter colored mieder hook.

    $4.00 HOO:10567
  • Medium Edelweiss Mieder Hook

    Medium edelweiss mieder hook.

    $5.00 HOO:56722
  • Edelweiss Mieder Hook

    Large edelweiss hook sold as a pair.

    $6.00 HOO:40870
  • Heart with Edelweiss Hook

    Heart with Edelweiss hooks in a pewter finish.

    $6.00 HOO:52805
  • Triple Edelweis Round Mieder Hooks

    Mieder hooks are decorated with three small edelweiss.

    $4.00 HOO:40854
  • Floral Mieder Hook

    Floral mieder hook. Sold as a pair.

    $5.00 HOO:54096
  • Flourish Hooks

    Flourish hooks, sold as a pair.

    $4.50 HOO:502
  • Miederhaken Hook Nickel Plated

    Miederhaken Hook Nickel Plated.

    $5.50 HOO:509
  • Miederhaken Hook Silver Plated

    Miederhaken Hook Silver Plated.

    $10.00 HOO:509S
  • Oeson Hooks

    German imported nickel coated plastic oeson dirndl hooks.

    $3.50 HOO:501
  • Pretzel Mieder Hook

    Pretzel mieder hook.

    $5.00 HOO:53405
  • Fancy Mieder Hook

    Silver plated filigree mieder hooks.

    $10.00 HOO:MIE-HOOK-1