Fashion Pins

  • Polishing Cloths for Fine Metals

    Perfect for brightening the pewter lid of a stein or cleaning tracht jewelry.

    $6.00 JEW:Cape-Polish
  • Ladies filigree pin

    Filigree pin with multi color stones in the center.

    $15.00 JEW:L3139
  • Acorn Pin

    This brown acorn and foliage pin features a pewter colored base with green, tan and brown paint. This pin is great addition for your German hat.

    $5.00 JEW:KP18
  • Alpine Hat Pin

    Alpine hat with a feather pin.

    $7.00 JEW:KP16
  • Bavarian Lion Pin

    Bavarian crest with lions pin.

    $8.00 JEW:KP15
  • Coin Bow Tie Pin

    Filigree designed bow pin, featuring a coin in the center.

    $17.00 JEW:C357
  • Dangle Pin

    Pin with dangling chain hanging down it.

    $18.50 JEW:30-41
  • Double Edelweiss Pin with Pendants

    Double painted edelweiss pin with boot, hat, and heart pendants.

    $11.50 JEW:L1705
  • Edelweiss pin

    Imported from Germany.

    $10.00 JEW:L1647
  • Edelweiss Trio Pin

    Lightweight light colored wooden edelweiss configuration fixed to a bar pin.

    $14.00 JEW:P-351700-03
  • Enzian Pin

    This blue enzian floral pin features a pewter colored base with green, blue and yellow painting. This pin is great addition for your German hat.

    $5.00 JEW:KP19
  • Heart pin

    Heart pin filled with flowers and 3 heart pendants.

    $15.00 JEW:L1474
  • Horn Pin

    Horn with acorns pin.

    $7.00 JEW:KP17
  • Ladies pin

    Ladies pin with ruby center.

    $18.55 JEW:L3069
  • Ladies pin

    A beautiful ladies pin with a green gem placed in the center.

    $7.00 JEW:3068
  • Painted edelweiss pin

    Imported from Germany.

    $14.00 JEW:L1330
  • Painted flower pin

    Imported from Germany.

    $15.00 JEW:L1423
  • Pewter Edelweiss Flower Pin

    Authentic Pewter Edelweiss flower lapel pin.

    $5.00 JEW:L25KL
  • Pewter Edelweiss Pin

    Authentic Pewter Edelweiss lapel pin.

    $6.00 JEW:L3098
  • Pill Purse Pin

    This pin has a cute and functional purse that clips to your dirndl or apron.

    $44.00 JEW:ST726
  • Single Wooden Edelweiss Pin

    Edelweiss wooden charm with bar pin backing.

    $12.00 JEW:P-350700-04