Apron Clips

  • Circular Filigree Apron Clip

    Silver filigree design apron clip.

    $18.00 JEW:9074
  • Dancing Couple Apron Clip

    Silver apron clip with dancing couple design.

    $25.00 JEW:SC809924
  • Designed Apron Clip

    Apron clip with unique design in antiqued silver.

    $16.00 JEW:ST9808
  • Filigree apron clip

    Chain with assorted charms featuring stag horn, coin, and other charms.

    $28.00 JEW:O26678
  • Hook for Back of Mieder

    This filigree hook is for the back of your mieder to help attach your skirt to your mider.

    $6.00 HOO:2353
  • Rectangular Filigree Apron Clip

    Silver Filigree designed apron clips.

    $18.00 JEW:9570