Children's Jewelry

  • Child’s bracelet

    Children’s rope bracelet with painted edelweiss charm. Imported from Germany. Matches necklace JEW:PF11398.

    $10.00 JEW:PF11397
  • Child’s Edelweiss and Heart Necklace

    This girl’s necklace features a small heart with a painted edelweiss flower.

    $10.00 JEW:PF11398
  • Child’s edelweiss necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $35.00 JEW:HK226
  • Children’s Pretzel Pendant Necklace

    Children’s cord necklace with pretzel pendant.

    $10.00 JEW:C9315
  • Edelweiss heart necklace

    Small silver heart necklace with painted edelweiss.

    $25.00 JEW:HK26532007
  • Girl’s Jeweled Edelweiss Necklace

    This edelweiss jeweled necklace is perfect for the young girls in your life.

    $25.00 JEW:k-9157-1