• Beer Stein Earrings

    Silver plated beer stein earrings. Each earring features a 2D beer stein charm.

    $24.00 JEW:4009-O
  • Bone and Edelweiss Medallion Earrings

    Dangling bone earrings featuring an Edelweiss flower in the center.

    $26.50 JEW:STC1436
  • Colored Edelweiss Earrings

    Silver dangling edelweiss earrings

    $18.00 JEW:KB4137
  • Colored Gem Edelweiss Earrings

    Silver edelweiss earrings with colored gems.

    $20.00 JEW:C72013
  • Cuckoo Clock Earrings

    Post earrings featuring cuckoo clocks with dangling weights and pendulum.

    $25.00 Jew:AS070758
  • Dangling Edelweiss and Black Bead Post Earrings

    Dangling edelweiss earrings featuring a black stone.

    $16.00 JEW:C262006
  • Dangling Enzian painted Earrings

    These earrings feature hand painted enzians that dangle from posts.

    $18.00 JEW:AS070799
  • Dangling Heart Earrings

    This earring has a pewter style heart hanging from a stud.

    $15.00 JEW:C85
  • Edelweiss Earrings

    Large Edelweiss earrings- post or clip-on.

    $14.00 JEW:KB4036 P or C
  • Edelweiss Earrings

    Edelweiss post earrings with gold painted center and dangling bead.

    $17.00 JEW:L233EA
  • Edelweiss Filigree Wire Dangling Earrings

    Silver ornate edelweiss charms on fish hook earrings.

    $26.50 JEW:C9832010
  • Edelweiss Filigree Post Dangling Earrings

    Edelweiss earrings are surrounded by intricate filigree

    $26.50 JEW:C9822010
  • Edelweiss Filigree Post Earrings

    Antiqued silver ornate edelweiss post earrings.

    $19.00 JEW:C982010
  • Edelweiss Post Earrings

    1/2 inch edelweiss earrings featuring crystal accents.

    $20.00 JEW:KB4136
  • Filigree Dangling Jewel Earrings

    These earrings have filigree posts that are attached to dangling jewels.

    $35.00 JEW:OR-H3476
  • Filigree Earrings with Colored Jewel

    Silver plated filigree earring with colored jewel.

    $17.00 JEW:STC2092
  • Hand Painted Edelweiss Earring

    These hand painted edelweiss flower earrings.

    $20.00 JEW:C452003
  • Hanging Rose Star Earrings

    Silver plated dangling rose and star earring.

    $30.00 JEW:LN57062
  • Heart Earrings

    Heart earrings with sparkle!

    $37.50 JEW:STEC638
  • Inlaid Jewel Heart Earrings

    Red crystal heart earrings.

    $30.00 JEW:ST2043
  • Large Edelweiss Post Earrings

    Painted Edelweiss stud earrings.

    $17.00 JEW:PF18157AB
  • Large Painted Edelweiss Hanging Earrings

    Large painted edelweiss charm earrings.

    $16.00 JEW:PF171140B
  • Mini Edelweiss Post Earrings

    Colorful gemstone edelweiss earrings on post backing.

    $27.00 0850-1
  • Pearl Dangling Earrings

    Pearl dangling earrings.

    $19.00 JEW:STC6171
  • Pewter Edelweiss Earrings with Faceted Bead Attached

    Pewter colored edelweiss flower earrings with yellow center and dangling faceted bead.

    $21.00 JEW:L233ST
  • Pewter Heart Earrings

    German imported pewter heart earrings.

    $27.00 JEW:ST18127
  • Pewter Rose Earrings

    Pewter-like Clip-On Rose earrings. Imported from Germany.

    $12.50 JEW:KB4045C
  • Pretzel Earrings

    A silver plated pretzel designed earrings.

    $19.00 JEW:4006-O
  • Radish Earrings

    These radish earrings are silver plated.

    $19.00 JEW:4007-o-rad
  • Red Stone Earrings

    These filigree earrings feature a ruby jewel framed by gold in a silver filigree backing.

    $36.00 JEW:STC6241
  • Red Teardrop Earrings

    Red teardrop shaped dangling earrings.

    $24.00 JEW:741ST
  • Rose Clip-On Earring

    Nickle plated clip on rose earrings. Approximately 1 inch in diameter.

    $21.00 JEW:STN983
  • Rose Earrings-Pewter finish

    Nickle plated post rose earrings.

    $21.00 JEW:stn984
  • Rose Earrings-Sliver Plated

    Silver plated rose earrings. Features post backing. Imported from Germany.

    $25.00 JEW:STN984S
  • Ruby Earrings

    Silver dangling red bead earrings.

    $28.00 JEW:ST5921
  • Ruby Flower Earrings

    These flower studs have bright red jewels in the center.

    $16.00 JEW:KB4068P

German Earrings