• Polishing Cloths for Fine Metals

    Perfect for brightening the pewter lid of a stein or cleaning tracht jewelry.

    $6.00 JEW:Cape-Polish
  • 2 Tone Gold/Silver Edelweiss Pendant

    14K Gold.

    $214.50 JEW:k14GNS
  • German Eagle Circular Pendent

    Authentic sterling silver German eagle pendant.

    $60.50$71.50 JEW:21-08C
  • Gold and Silver Mieder Key

    Silver mieder key with gold embellishments on top of key.

    $100.00 JEW:mieder-key
  • Gold German Eagle Pendant

    Authentic gold German eagle pendant.

    $230.00$705.00 JEW:21-08G
  • Gold Yellow Edelweiss Diamond Pendant

    14K Yellow Gold Edelweiss Diamond Pendant with 43pt total weight.

    $1,400.00 JEW:21-19GDL
  • Medium Gold Edelweiss Pendant

    14K gold.

    $240.90 JEW:K14gnm
  • Sterling Silver Circular Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic pendant features an edelweiss flower in the center.

    $65.50$74.25 JEW:21-12SC
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic sterling silver edelweiss pendent.

    $38.50$62.50 JEW:21-12S
  • Sterling Silver German Eagle Pendent

    Authentic German eagle pendant.

    $38.00$60.00 JEW:21-08S
  • Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Austrian Eagle Pendant

    Authentic Austrian eagle pendant.

    $41.25$503.25 JEW:21-01
  • Two Toned Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic two-toned edelweiss pendant.

    $40.50$62.50 JEW:21-12S2T
  • Yellow Gold Edelweiss Diamond Pendant

    Authentic gold pendant features diamonds in the center.

    $1,457.50 JEW:21-19GDC
  • Yellow Gold Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic edelweiss designed pendant.

    $240.90$510.00 JEW:21-12G
  • Yellow Gold Serial Edelweiss Diamond Pendant

    14K Yellow Gold.

    $405.00 JEW:21-19GDS

Authentic Gold German Pendants for Women of all Ages

Our authentic gold pendants tell a story of their own. It is certainly true. Who doesn’t love showing off their beautiful gold jewelry? There are many designs available such as German eagles and edelweiss which go well with both formal and casual attire.
Gold edelweiss diamond pendants, Austrian eagle pendants, and Bavarian lion pendants are among some of our most popular designs. Further, the price range of our pendant collection features less expensive pieces along with more expensive pieces.