Vest Chains/Charivari

  • Silver Coin Charivari

    2 tier silver charivari with coins on each side & dangling from the bottom chain.

    $52.00 JEW:8023-1
  • 5 Heart Charivari

    A charivari with dangling hearts on the chain.

    $47.00 JEW:8616-5
  • Charivari

    This Charivari features 1 1/2 inch rectangular floral clasps on the ends.

    $44.00 JEW:STC1211
  • Charivari with heart, edelweiss and stags

    This Charivair 5 1/2 inches across and is approximately 4 inches long.

    $70.00 Jew:53776C
  • Coin and Gamsbart Chain

    A chain charivari that features large coins, a gamsbart, and animal bone/feet.

    $165.00 JEW:ST80286
  • Coin and Stag Horn Chain

    Men’s chain with a variety of coin charms paired with stag horn pieces.

    $86.00 JEW:C771
  • Coin Chain

    Large chain with assorted charms featuring stag horn, coin, and other charms.

    $120.00 JEW:ST80601
  • Crystal, Heart, Tooth, Goose Charivari

    Features dangling charms- a clear crystal, tooth, heart, duck figure and mini gamsbart.

    $139.00 JEW:C40
  • Dancing Couple Upper Vest Chain

    Imported nickel plated vest chain with a dancing couple attached.

    $7.50 JEW:9-07
  • Edelweiss & Stag Horn Charivari

    Authentic stag horn charivari, featuring edelweiss flowers on each end.

    $39.00 JEW:680
  • Edelweiss & Bead Charivari

    A beaded charivari featuring edelweiss flowers.

    $40.00 JEW:C13-1
  • Edelweiss & Heart Charivari

    Heart charivari with Edelweiss flowers attached on the ends.

    $60.00 JEW:C36
  • Edelweiss Charivari

    Edelweiss flowers attached to a pewter chain. Approximately 7 inches in length.

    $50.00 JEW:8604-3
  • Flourish Heart Charivari

    Silver charivari featuring filigree hearts on each end with edelweiss centers.

    $45.00 JEW:C355
  • Four Assorted charms vest chain

    A silver charivari chain with 4 assorted charms attached to it at around 8 inches in length.

    $135.00 JEW:SCH41766
  • Gamsbart And Antler Assorted Charms Chain

    This vest chain features 6 charms- a gamsbart, deer horns, tooth, deer foot and antler/foot charms.

    $160.00 JEW:SCH4176
  • Gamsbart And Antler Assorted Charms Chain 9.5 inches

    This vest chain features 6 charms- a gamsbart, deer horns, tooth, deer foot and antler/foot charms.

    $160.00 JEW:SCH41769Z
  • Heart and Edelweiss Charivari

    This heart and edelweiss charivari features a large center heart with decorative filigree outline.

    $50.00 JEW:C11
  • Heart Charivari

    This charivari features hearts and bows.

    $42.50 JEW:STC1452
  • Large Vest Chain

    Charms consist of a variety of German themed items. 11 Charms total- gamsbart, ram, deer’s tooth, deer’s horn, turkey, boar, deer antler, lion and backpack. 12 inches in length. Made in Germany.

    $235.00 JEW:C822
  • Large Vest Chain with bones, coins and steins

    This large vest chain is perfect for vest or lederhosen.

    $165.00 JEW:C823
  • Seven Bead Charivari

    An edelweiss filigree designed charivari. Also features beads along the chain.

    $40.00 JEW:C7-1
  • 3 Tier Silver Coin Charivari

    Silver 3 tier charivari with coins on each end and coin charms along bottom tier.

    $66.00 JEW:C350
  • Stag Horn and Medallion Charivari

    Stag horn with coin medallion men’s charivari.

    $150.00 JEW:80803
  • Stag Vest Chain

    A stag vest chain, featuring real antler pendants and filigree design surrounding stags.

    $105.00 JEW:58/3699