• Edelweiss Flower Pendant Choker

    Black velvet neck band features an attaching silver edelweiss flower pendent.

    $25.00 JEW:KB2078A
  • Corded Rope with Edelweiss on Heart Pendant

    German edelweiss necklace featuring twisted cord and heart pendant.

    $22.00 12719-2E
  • Corded Necklace with Heart Pendant

    Colorful corded necklace with matching edelweiss jeweled pendant and beads.

    $39.00 JEW:2-12702
  • Colored Edelweiss Heart Shaped Necklace

    This necklace has a pewter colored heart shaped pendent featuring an edelweiss flower, surrounding clear gemstones and two colored gemstones.

    $30.00 JEW:KB2602
  • Single Jewel Edelweiss Necklace

    Corded edelweiss charm necklace with crystal details.

    $33.50 JEW:PSC8196
  • Filigree Heart Roped Necklace

    Colored corded necklace features a large heart pendant with a pewter-like finish.

    $22.00 JEW:K-100-M 8015
  • Stag Heart Ribbon Necklace

    Stag horn heart necklace featured with ribbon.

    $30.00 JEW:HK90-10-2012
  • Stag Horn Heart Necklace on Cord

    Stag horn heart is featured with an edelweiss medallion on a black corded necklace.

    $34.00 JEW:PS4008598
  • Edelweiss Ribbon & Chain Necklace

    Edelweiss pendant chained necklace with woven ribbon.

    $45.00 JEW:HK69-2012
  • Colored Gem Edelweiss Necklace

    Pewter finished edelweiss necklace with colored gems.

    $45.00 JEW:HK402013
  • Jeweled Pendant on Colorful Cord

    Double corded colored necklace with jeweled edelweiss heart pendant.

    $45.00 JEW:12719-2
  • Triple Heart Dangling Necklace

    Necklace features 3 dangling hearts with colored gemstones and beads.

    $35.00 JEW:HK57
  • Three Stoned Necklace

    Two tiered necklace, featuring 3 stones surrounded by a filigree design with 2 dangling stones.

    $64.00 JEW:C-816
  • Triple Edelweiss Flower Necklace

    Triple pewter edelweiss flower necklace.

    $65.00 JEW:HK69-2007 C
  • German Edelweiss Necklace

    Edelweiss necklace features 3 edelweiss charms with colored gemstones.

    $50.00 HK85
  • Edelweiss Heart Necklace

    Double wire necklace with silver and clear crystal beads and edelweiss heart charm.

    $45.00 JEW:KB2624
  • Dried Edelweiss Medallion Necklace

    Authentic dried edelweiss flower enclosed in a medallion necklace.

    $48.00 JEW:HK61-2002 M
  • Floral Clear Beaded Necklace

    Necklace is pewter colored, featuring 5 dangling floral/clover shaped charms with clear beads surrounding it.

    $50.00 JEW:HK3002007
  • Bavarian Shield Pearl Necklace

    Necklace features pewter colored Bavarian shields with pearls along the entire piece.

    $42.00 JEW:HK222NECK
  • Dangling Heart Charmed Necklace

    Filigree pewter colored necklace featuring 3 dangling hearts.

    $67.00 JEW:ST8144
  • Edelweiss Flower Necklace with Hand Painted Gold Center

    Necklace features 5 hand painted edelweiss charms.

    $40.00 JEW:L256GT
  • Five Edelweiss Flower Necklace

    Authentic hand painted edelweiss necklace.

    $45.00 JEW:L256
  • Five Painted Edelweiss Necklace

    Features 5 painted edelweiss attached to chain. Approximately 18 inches in length. Imported from Germany.

    $28.00 JEW:PF11296
  • Edelweiss with Heart Rope Necklace

    Edelweiss with heart necklace on black rope.

    $30.00 JEW:PSKC7004 BK
  • Edelweiss Beaded Necklace

    Edelweiss necklace featuring faceted colored beads.

    $59.00 JEW:HK662006

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