• Three Edelweiss/Heart Pearl Pendant On Choker

    Velvet choker featuring three edelweiss’ enclosed inside of a heart.

    $25.00 JEW:KB2078B
  • Edelweiss Flower Pendant Choker

    Black velvet neck band features an attaching silver edelweiss flower pendent.

    $25.00 JEW:KB2078A
  • Blue and Gold Edelweiss Choker

    This necklace features blue Czech glass with gold edelweiss flowers, antiqued gold filigree and teal drop dangling charm. Pendant measures 1 1/4 inch in diameter. Two inches in total length. Choker necklace measures 12 inches in length with an extender that gives you an extra 2 inches. Handmade in the USA exclusively for Ernst Licht.

    $24.50 JEW:GB8/C
  • Purple Flower and Butterfy Choker

    This choker features purple Czech glass with a flower, butterfly and gold filigree.

    $24.00 JEW:GB6/C
  • Green/Purple Scalloped Filigree choker

    This necklace features antiqued gold flower sitting a top green and purple Czech glass.

    $24.00 JEW:GB5/C
  • Green Filigree Choker

    This necklace features antiqued gold flower sitting a top colorful green Czech glass.

    $24.00 JEW:GB1/C
  • Painted Oval Edelweiss Necklace

    This choker features an oval charm with silver detailing and a black center containing painted edelweiss.

    $32.00 JEW:C774/4
  • Braided Cord Edelweiss Choker

    Braided edelweiss choker with cord and chain accents.

    $19.50 JEW:hk55-2012
  • Crystal Heart Choker

    Crystal heart with velvet choker. Slightly elastic to give snug but not restrictive fit. 2 inch extender chain. Charm measures 3/4″ in length. Imported from Germany.

    $33.00 JEW:STEC636
  • Dangling Jewel and Filigree choker

    Black stretchy choker features silver filigree surrounding jewel set in gold.

    $22.50 JEW:C795
  • Edelweiss Choker Necklace

    This choker features silver edelweiss clear crystal in the center.

    $32.00 JEW:AS043527
  • Filagree Choker Dangling Edelweiss Charms

    This choker features silver filigree with two dangling edelweiss. Choker is stretchy for comfort and to give you a non-restrictive feel.

    $32.00 JEW:AS043529X
  • Heart Choker

    A velvet choker featuring a heart shaped pendant with a jewel in the center.

    $19.00 JEW:HC8515
  • Jewel and Filigree Choker

    This choker features silver filigree surrounding jewel set in gold.

    $22.50 JEW:C633

German Chokers: Thoughtful Gifts for Gorgeous Ladies

German chokers have become a popular asset to the traditional women’s outfit. Therefore, our selection of German chokers also make perfect gifts for women of all ages. Many designs are available in our collection. For instance, edelweiss pendants, floral designs and many others that we offer.

Moreover, in our collection we offer choker necklaces, chained necklaces, and various corded options. The price of our collection varies depending on style and materials.