• Beaded Edelweiss Necklace Assorted Colors

    This edelweiss necklace features colorful cut beads. The sparkle of the necklace makes it perfect for your most formal German affair.

    $27.00 JEW:00986
  • White Painted Heart Necklace with Rhinestone

    Necklace featuring heart shaped pendant with rhinestone center and clear beads.

    $52.00 JEW:HK235-2014
  • Silver Edelweiss Pendant Necklace

    Antiqued silver necklace featuring an edelweiss pendant

    $30.00 JEW:HK265GT
  • Heart and Antler Necklace

    Necklace with stag horns, heart and edelweiss.

    $48.00 Jew:H-3590
  • Colored Gem Edelweiss Necklace

    Pewter finished edelweiss necklace with colored gems.

    $45.00 JEW:HK402013
  • Multi Colored Stone Edelweiss Necklace

    Five colored stone chain necklace.

    $33.50 JEW:kb2587
  • Red Stones Necklace

    Imported from Germany

    $55.00 JEW:HK3162005
  • Red Stone Circular Design Necklace

    Silver necklace with red gems inside 3 separate circular pieces. Features lobster clasp enclosure. Imported from Germany.

    $28.00 JEW:HK208RE
  • Triple Heart Dangling Necklace

    Necklace features 3 dangling hearts with colored gemstones and beads.

    $35.00 JEW:HK57
  • German-Themed Charm Necklace

    Short chain charm necklace featuring heart, pretzel, 2 hats, cow bell, and edelweiss charms. Imported from Germany.

    $35.00 JEW:HK118/2007
  • Green Stone Circular Design Necklace

    Silver necklace with green gems inside 3 separate circular pieces. Features lobster clasp enclosure. Imported from Germany.

    $28.00 JEW:HK208GR
  • Three Stoned Necklace

    Two tiered necklace, featuring 3 stones surrounded by a filigree design with 2 dangling stones.

    $64.00 JEW:C-816
  • Triple Pretzel Chain necklace

    This necklace features three pretzel antiqued charms on a unique swirl patterned necklace.

    $35.00 JEW:40068P
  • Silver Floral Pearl Necklace

    Silver necklace with 3 different sized flowers. Flowers feature faux pearls in the center. Imported from Germany.

    $80.00 JEW:HK213
  • Ruby Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $59.50 JEW:STC623
  • Heart Necklace with red stones

    Imported from Germany

    $40.00 JEW:HK114
  • Triple Edelweiss Flower Necklace

    Triple pewter edelweiss flower necklace.

    $65.00 JEW:HK69-2007 C
  • German Edelweiss Necklace

    Edelweiss necklace features 3 edelweiss charms with colored gemstones.

    $50.00 HK85
  • Triple Edelweiss Chain Necklace

    This necklace features three antiqued pewter edelweiss charms on a unique swirl patterned necklace.

    $35.00 JEW:40068E
  • Oval Edelweiss Necklace

    This Edelweiss necklace features silver filigree and a black backing. Also included is a hand painted Enzian and Almrausch.

    $27.00 JEW:AS001667Z
  • Dried Edelweiss Medallion Necklace

    Authentic dried edelweiss flower enclosed in a medallion necklace.

    $48.00 JEW:HK61-2002 M
  • Round Edelweiss necklace with Black backing

    This necklace features a round charm with Edelweiss against a black backing. Filigree surrounds the flower.

    $27.00 JEW:AS001679
  • Heart Shaped Edelweiss Necklace

    This heart shaped necklace features an edelweiss with black backing. Charm is 1 1/2 inches in length. Comes with 18 inch chain with lobster claw clasp. Imported from Germany.

    $25.00 JEW:001658Z
  • Floral Clear Beaded Necklace

    Necklace is pewter colored, featuring 5 dangling floral/clover shaped charms with clear beads surrounding it.

    $50.00 JEW:HK3002007
  • Flower necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $32.00 JEW:HK142005
  • Rose Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $75.00 JEW:LN57059
  • Rose Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $76.00 JEW:LN57060
  • Rose necklace

    Imported from Germany

    $30.00 JEW:KB2284
  • Floral and Black Beaded Silver Chain Necklace

    Necklace features small flowers and black beads, matching bracelet available.

    $49.50 JEW:HK562006
  • 5 Chain Necklace

    A 5 chain necklace featuring 5 floral charms.

    $55.00 JEW:PSHK289
  • Triple Filigree chain stone necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $30.00 JEW:STC2093
  • Silver Floral 3 Tier Necklace

    Silver chain necklace featuring a flower center piece surrounded by filigree.

    $44.00 JEW:8100
  • Rose Necklace

    Silver ornate rose necklace with 3 chains. Imported from Germany.

    $46.50 JEW:STC478
  • Rose Chandelier Necklace

    Rose necklace with multiple chains and heart design in center. Silver plated. Imported from Germany.

    $47.00 JEW:ST-8145
  • Rose Necklace

    Multiple chain rose necklace with dangling rose feature.

    $55.00 JEW:41684
  • Ruby Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $67.50 JEW:STC625

German Chains: Thoughtful Gifts for Gorgeous Ladies

German chains have become a popular asset to the traditional women’s outfit. Therefore, our selection of German chains also make perfect gifts for women of all ages. Many designs are available in our collection. For instance, edelweiss pendants, floral designs and many others that we offer.

Moreover, in our collection we offer choker necklaces, chained necklaces, and various corded options. The price of our collection varies depending on style and materials.