• German-Themed Charm Necklace

    Short chain charm necklace featuring heart, pretzel, 2 hats, cow bell, and edelweiss charms. Imported from Germany.

    $35.00 JEW:HK118/2007
  • Green Stone Circular Design Necklace

    Silver necklace with green gems inside 3 separate circular pieces. Features lobster clasp enclosure. Imported from Germany.

    $28.00 JEW:HK208GR
  • Three Stoned Necklace

    Two tiered necklace, featuring 3 stones surrounded by a filigree design with 2 dangling stones.

    $64.00 JEW:C-816
  • Triple Pretzel Chain necklace

    This necklace features three pretzel antiqued charms on a unique swirl patterned necklace.

    $35.00 JEW:40068P
  • Silver Floral Pearl Necklace

    Silver necklace with 3 different sized flowers. Flowers feature faux pearls in the center. Imported from Germany.

    $80.00 JEW:HK213
  • Ruby Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $59.50 JEW:STC623
  • Ruby Heart Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $35.50 JEW:STC534
  • Heart Necklace with red stones

    Imported from Germany

    $40.00 JEW:HK114
  • Triple Edelweiss Flower Necklace

    Triple pewter edelweiss flower necklace.

    $65.00 JEW:HK69-2007 C
  • German Edelweiss Necklace

    Edelweiss necklace features 3 edelweiss charms with colored gemstones.

    $50.00 HK85
  • Triple Edelweiss Chain Necklace

    This necklace features three antiqued pewter edelweiss charms on a unique swirl patterned necklace.

    $35.00 JEW:40068E
  • Edelweiss Heart Necklace

    Double wire necklace with silver and clear crystal beads and edelweiss heart charm.

    $45.00 JEW:KB2624
  • Edelweiss Rope Necklace

    Authentic dried edelweiss flower enclosed in a medallion necklace.

    $48.00 JEW:HK61-2002
  • Oval Edelweiss Necklace

    This Edelweiss necklace features silver filigree and a black backing. Also included is a hand painted Enzian and Almrausch.

    $27.00 JEW:AS001667Z
  • Dried Edelweiss Medallion Necklace

    Authentic dried edelweiss flower enclosed in a medallion necklace.

    $48.00 JEW:HK61-2002 M
  • Round Edelweiss necklace with Black backing

    This necklace features a round charm with Edelweiss against a black backing. Filigree surrounds the flower.

    $27.00 JEW:AS001679
  • Heart Shaped Edelweiss Necklace

    This heart shaped necklace features an edelweiss with black backing. Charm is 1 1/2 inches in length. Comes with 18 inch chain with lobster claw clasp. Imported from Germany.

    $25.00 JEW:001658Z
  • Edelweiss Flower in Heart with Velvet Necklace

    This pendant is a dried edelweiss in plastic heart casing. Measures about 1 inch across. Sturdy velvet necklace approximately 16 inches long with a 2 inch extender. Imported from Germany.

    $25.00 JEW:SCH1709K80
  • Crystal Heart Choker

    Crystal heart with velvet choker. Slightly elastic to give snug but not restrictive fit. 2 inch extender chain. Charm measures 3/4″ in length. Imported from Germany.

    $33.00 JEW:STEC636
  • Dangling Jewel and Filigree choker

    Black stretchy choker features silver filigree surrounding jewel set in gold.

    $22.50 JEW:C795
  • Heart Choker

    A velvet choker featuring a heart shaped pendant with a jewel in the center.

    $19.00 JEW:HC8515
  • Jewel and Filigree Choker

    This choker features silver filigree surrounding jewel set in gold.

    $22.50 JEW:C633
  • Floral Clear Beaded Necklace

    Necklace is pewter colored, featuring 5 dangling floral/clover shaped charms with clear beads surrounding it.

    $50.00 JEW:HK3002007
  • Flower necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $44.00 JEW:HK1002007
  • Flower necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $32.00 JEW:HK142005
  • Rose Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $75.00 JEW:LN57059
  • Rose Necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $76.00 JEW:LN57060
  • Rose necklace

    Imported from Germany

    $30.00 JEW:KB2284
  • Floral and Black Beaded Silver Chain Necklace

    Necklace features small flowers and black beads, matching bracelet available.

    $49.50 JEW:HK562006
  • Edelweiss and Stag Horn Rope Necklace

    This necklace features stag horn beads with three edelweiss charms.

    $65.00 JEW:C114
  • Bavarian Shield Pearl Necklace

    Necklace features pewter colored Bavarian shields with pearls along the entire piece.

    $42.00 JEW:HK222NECK
  • 5 Chain Necklace

    A 5 chain necklace featuring 5 floral charms.

    $55.00 JEW:PSHK289
  • Triple Filigree chain stone necklace

    Imported from Germany.

    $30.00 JEW:STC2093
  • Silver Floral 3 Tier Necklace

    Silver chain necklace featuring a flower center piece surrounded by filigree.

    $44.00 JEW:8100
  • Rose Necklace

    Silver ornate rose necklace with 3 chains. Imported from Germany.

    $46.50 JEW:STC478
  • Edelweiss Flower Pendant Choker

    Black velvet neck band features an attaching silver edelweiss flower pendent.

    $25.00 JEW:KB2078A