• Ruby Earrings

    Silver dangling red bead earrings.

    $28.00 JEW:ST5921
  • Ruby Flower Earrings

    These flower studs have bright red jewels in the center.

    $16.00 JEW:KB4068P
  • Seven Bead Charivari

    An edelweiss filigree designed charivari. Also features beads along the chain.

    $40.00 JEW:C7-1
  • Seven Dangling Hearts Charivari

    This charivari is a perfect accent for anyone who wants to add some love to their tracht outfit.

    $32.00 JEW:C6251
  • 3 Tier Silver Coin Charivari

    Silver 3 tier charivari with coins on each end and coin charms along bottom tier.

    $66.00 JEW:C350
  • Silver Filigree Shawl Pin

    Filigree shawl pin with hanging chains in silver.

    $41.00$51.00 JEW:O26098HV
  • Silver Filigree Shawl Pin

    Filigree shawl pin with hanging chains.

    $40.00 JEW:SCH70501
  • Silver Plated Mieder Chain

    Silver plated. Sold by the yard. Imported from Germany.

    $16.00 JEW:4-08
  • Silver Plated Shawl Pin

    Silver Plated pin featuring ram with green and red jewels.

    $42.00 JEW:O18491
  • Simple Rose Bracelet

    Silver linking rose bracelet.

    $33.00 JEW:KB4065
  • Single Wooden Edelweiss Pin

    Edelweiss wooden charm with bar pin backing.

    $12.00 JEW:P-350700-04
  • Pewter Edelweiss Pin

    Authentic Pewter Edelweiss lapel pin.

    $6.00 JEW:L3098
  • Small Painted Edelweiss Earrings

    Small painted dangling edelweiss earrings.

    $15.00 JEW:PF17115OBW
  • Solid Heart Scarf Pendant

    This solid heart scarf pendant features a pewter finish.

    $10.00 JEW:PS8568
  • Stag Gem Necklace

    Silver necklace with colored gems and silver stag head pendant. Imported from Germany. Limited quantities available.

    $30.00 JEW:MB05
  • Stag Horn and Medallion Charivari

    Stag horn with coin medallion men’s charivari.

    $150.00 JEW:80803
  • Stag Vest Chain

    A stag vest chain, featuring real antler pendants and filigree design surrounding stags.

    $105.00 JEW:58/3699
  • Sterling Silver Circular Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic pendant features an edelweiss flower in the center.

    $65.50$74.25 JEW:21-12SC
  • Sterling Silver Earrings

    Sterling silver edelweiss post earrings with a gold plated center. Made in the USA.

    $49.50 JEW:KSSP - 2T
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss bracelet

    Bracelet made out of Sterling Silver. The length is 8″, and the width is approximately 1″.

    $350.00 JEW:21-22SB8"
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss Dangling Earrings

    Edelweiss earrings highlight sterling silver petals, two toned option features a gold center.

    $66.00 JEW:21-13W
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss Pendant- Special Order Only

    Sterling silver edelweiss pendant with a 14K gold plated center. Made in the USA.

    $22.00 JEW:KSSN
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic sterling silver edelweiss pendent.

    $38.50$62.50 JEW:21-12S
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss Stud Earrings

    Edelweiss stud earrings feature sterling silver petals.

    $66.00 JEW:21-13SP
  • Sterling Silver German Eagle Pendent

    Authentic German eagle pendant.

    $38.00$60.00 JEW:21-08S
  • Sterling Silver or Yellow Gold Austrian Eagle Pendant- Special Order Only

    Authentic Austrian eagle pendant.

    $41.25$503.25 JEW:21-01
  • Stretch Edelweiss Velvet Bracelet

    This velvet stretch bracelet has an antiqued edelweiss jeweled charm centered on it.

    $20.00 jew:AS046331
  • Red Stone Bracelet

    Elegant red stone flower bracelet. Imported from Germany.

    $15.00 JEW:HK401--2006
  • Swarovski Crystal Floral Bracelet

    Floral bracelet with 5 blue crystal designs. Features Swarovski crystals and chain made out of silver.

    $10.00 JEW:3062-A
  • Fancy Mieder Hook

    Silver plated filigree mieder hooks.

    $10.00 HOO:MIE-HOOK-1
  • Sterling Silver Edelweiss 1/2″ Earrings

    Sterling silver German edelweiss earrings. Flower measures 1/2″ across and dangles from leverback closure. Made in the USA.

    $51.00 JEW:KSSW
  • Two Toned Edelweiss Pendent

    Authentic two-toned edelweiss pendant.

    $40.50$62.50 JEW:21-12S2T
  • Wood and Flower Earrings

    These earrings feature pewter finished flower with square wood post.

    $22.00 JEW:PSC69
  • Wood Flower Earrings

    These flower earrings have a wood circle center.

    $17.00 JEW:PSC139
  • Swarovski Crystal Floral Earrings

    Floral earrings with opal crystals. Features Swarovski crystals.

    $10.00 JEW:6012
  • Yellow Gold Edelweiss Diamond Pendant

    Authentic gold pendant features diamonds in the center.

    $1,457.50 JEW:21-19GDC