Ernst Licht – A Name Driven by Tradition and Authenticity

Ernst Licht is the best German import company in the USA. You won’t find a better selection and variety of traditional German clothing than with us. We have offered the traditional Trachten style with our German dance clothing since 1968. More modern styles are also offered with our German import dirndl dresses. Our authentic Oktoberfest costumes are inspired from Bavarian and Alpine regions of Germany. A complete collection of women’s traditional and Oktoberfest costumes are available at Ernst Licht. You won’t beat our prices!
A Complete Selection of Ladies German Costumes
A vibrant array of German ladies dresses including colorful traditional dirndls available with your choice of blouse, apron, and pettipants. Alpine and Bavarian blouses, traditional skirts, and authentic German jewelry are all available at Ernst Licht.