• Navy Skirt with Floral Trim

    Ladies navy blue skirt is a great addition to the matching top.

    $138.00 SKI:ski-imp-3112
  • Short Tan Skirt

    This short tan skirt features lace trim and leather with edelweiss detailing.

    $140.00 SKI:b3001K
  • Long Black Skirt

    Ladies black and beige long skirt.

    $129.00$140.00 SKI:ski-imp-ranjabk
  • Hillary Skirt – Limited Sizes

    A mid length skirt with flowers going down the front.

    $80.50 HIL SALE
  • Ladies Black Skirt with Lace Trim-Size 14, 16, 18

    Ladies German skirt in black with tan and white lace and trim.

    $115.00 SKI-IMP-3032
  • Ladies Tan Knee Length Skirt

    Ladies German skirt with with a tie up design for a side gather.

    $105.00 SKI-IMP-3036
  • Long Black Skirt with Petticoat

    Ladies black and beige long skirt is a great addition to the matching top.

    $145.00 SKI:B3001L
  • Mid-length Black Skirt with Petticoat

    This black mid-length black skirt comes with ruffled inner white petticoat layer.

    $125.00 SKI:ester-marie
  • Short Black Skirt

    Stockerpoint short black skirt with lace trim and leather.

    $95.00 SKI:SKI-imp-kurz-kelly-schwarz
  • Ladies Black and Beige Skirt- Size 8, 10

    Long skirt with black and beige colors.

    $84.00 ski-imp-88536
  • Black and Beige “Livia” Skirt- Size 16, 18

    Ladies black and beige colored skirt.

    $95.00 ski-imp-livia
  • Christl Skirt

    Red or Bavarian blue skirt with the Christl embroidery design.

    $165.00$185.00 SKI:ZIPPER-EMB
  • Solid Button Down Skirt

    A solid print button down skirt available in different colors.

    $115.00$135.00 SKI:BF-SOL-SKRT-
  • Tracht Skirt

    A Tracht skirt with two stripes going around it.

    $155.00$175.00 SKI:ZiPPER-TRA-SKRT
  • Zipped Print Skirts

    Beautiful cotton print skirt with a hook closure at the back.

    $115.00$135.00 SKI:ZIPPER-PRI-SKRT

Traditional German Skirts for women

Ernst Licht has a wide selection of traditional German skirts. Our collection includes many options imported from Germany. Our skirt designs convey the traditional Trachten look with laces and traditional embroidery patterns. These German skirts are inspired by the Bavarian and Alpine regions of Germany. We offer decorated manufactured skirts that are under German Trachten customs.
Ernst Licht also has a custom made option. These range from cotton or polyester, print or embroidered. For more information please call us at 610-987-3298.