Tees and Sweatshirts

  • Edelweiss Pattern Sweatshirt

    Embroidered v-shaped edelweiss pattern design on a women’s crew neck sweatshirt.

    $45.00$50.00 FES:emb-sw-ede-pat
  • Embroidered Ladies Edelweiss Sweatshirt

    Embroidered Edelweiss design on a ladies crew neck sweatshirt.

    $45.00$50.00 DIR:Emb-Sw-Edel
  • Ladies Cuckoo Clock T-Shirt

    German Cuckoo Clock design on a Ladies short sleeve black t-shirt.

    $18.00$20.00 sp-t-cuckoo
  • Ladies Germany Sweatshirt

    A coral sweatshirt featuring a Germany logo and an eagle design.

    $22.00$24.00 emb-swl-ger-tone
  • Ladies Neuschwanstein Castle Sweatshirt Blue

    Ladies German sweatshirt with Neuschwanstein Castle design.

    $38.00$40.00 emb-sw-castlebl
  • Ladies Prosit! T-Shirt

    Embroidered Prosit Cheers design on a ladies short sleeve black t-shirt.

    $18.00$20.00 FES:emb-t-wprosit
  • Ladies Slim Fit German Cube Shirt

    Show your German pride in your every day casual wear with this German Cube shirt.

    $20.00$22.00 sp-tW-cubevgergy
  • Ladies Slim Fit Stein Shirt

    Causal Women’s shirt with embroidered stein in German black, red and gold.

    $20.00$22.00 FES:Sp-tw-steinvgergy
  • Screen Printed Ladies Dirndl T-Shirt

    Ladies screen printed German Dirndl design on a short sleeve white t-shirt.

    $12.00 FES:sp-tl-dirndl
  • Screen Printed Ladies Fit Deutschland Repeat T-shirt

    An employee favorite because of the soft fabric, stylish fit.

    $20.00$22.00 FES:SP-TW-Deutsrepeat
  • Screen printed Slim Fit Deutschland Repeat T-Shirt

    Screen printed Deutschland design on a short sleeve slim fit grey V-neck t-shirt.

    $20.00$22.00 FES:sp-tw-deutflaggy

Women’s German Shirts

Show off your German heritage everyday with these casual looks. Or wear these German inspired tees and sweatshirts when your dirndl is dirty or in the wash! We use an assortment of screen printing, or embroidery to make our fine selection of shirts.

These are great for any Oktoberfest party or to wear around town. Our tees and sweatshirts are all embroidered and screen printed in the USA. All of them are heavily influenced by German culture.