Ties & Tie Holders

  • Embroidered alpine tie

    This embroidered Alpine tie has the edelweiss, enzian, and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 17-3
  • Embroidered Cornflower Tie

    This embroidered Cornflower tie goes nicely with the ladies Cornflower dirndl.

    $40.00 17-3C
  • Embroidered Dancing Couple Tie

    Dance groups love our Dancing Couple tie!

    $40.00 TIE:17-3D
  • Embroidered Edelweiss Tie

    This embroidered Edelweiss tie has the edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 TIE:17-3E
  • Dancing Couple in Wreath Tie Ring

    A tie ring featuring a dancing couple, surrounded by a wreath design.

    $17.00 JEW:167
  • Auerhahn Tie Ring

    A tie ring featuring a Auerhahn on the front of it, surrounded by a filigree design.

    $15.00 JEW:165
  • Edelweiss Nickel Tie Ring

    Tie Ring with Edelweiss flower and filigree adornments.

    $21.00 JEW:161
  • Edelweiss tie ring

    A tie ring featuring a beautiful white edelweiss flower surrounded by a filigree design.

    $20.00 JEW:163
  • Filigree tie ring

    Filigree tie ring imported from Germany.

    $14.00 JEW:172
  • Gamsteeth Replica Tie Ring

    A gamsteeth replica tie ring design.

    $18.00 JEW:174
  • Handcarved Stag Horn Edelweiss Tie Ring

    This lovely tie ring is hand carved from authentic Stag horn and features an edelweiss carved in the center.

    $39.00 JEW:164
  • Handcarved Stag Horn Tie Ring

    This lovely tie ring is hand carved from an authentic Stag horn and features a Stag carved into the center.

    $44.00 JEW:171
  • Large edelweiss tie ring

    Edelweiss tie ring with gold painted center. Imported from Germany.

    $15.00 JEW:162
  • Oak Leaves Tie Ring

    Imported from Germany.

    $14.00 JEW:168
  • Stag Horn Tie Ring

    This tie ring is made from beautiful filigree, mieder chain and dangling antler. Made in Germany.

    $23.00 JEW:182
  • Acorn tie clasp

    Three braided leather stands with metal acorn details. 3 inches wide, 4 inches long. Imported from Germany.

    $45.00 KB3142
  • Black Men’s Woven Tie

    Men’s woven tie in red, black, and green colors. Features silver medallion in the center that adjusts the neck size of the tie. Imported from Germany. One size fits all.

    $45.00 TIE:SG6
  • Men’s Silk Tie

    Green Edelweiss silk tie.

    $25.00 TIE:13-11
  • Men’s Maroon Silk Tie

    Maroon with edelweiss flowers.

    $15.00 TIE:13-12
  • Red Necktie with Floral and Goose Design

    Men’s red necktie featuring German flowers and geese. Made from 100% polyester.

    $18.00 TIE:KB3193 RE
  • Red necktie with Enzian and Edelweiss trio

    Men’s red necktie featuring enzian and edelweiss floral trio. Made from 55% polyester and 45% schurwolle.

    $18.00 TIE:KB3195 RE
  • Red necktie with Single Enzian and Edelweiss

    Men’s red necktie with single enzian and edelweiss flowers. Made from 100% polyester.

    $18.00 TIE:KB3191 RE
  • Tie band

    Tie bands can be used to hold ties around the neck or to hold socks in place. Black. Expandable from approximately 11.5 inches to 21 inches. 5/8 inches thick. PLEASE NOTE- WHITE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. PICTURE FOR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.

    $2.50 TIE:TIE BANDS