• Edelweiss Backpack Keychain

    Edelweiss backpack key ring.

    $6.00 KEY:L502
  • Oktoberfest Key Chain

    Oktoberfest Key Chain.

    $10.00 KEY:0108655
  • Enzian Magnet

    Green and Blue Enzian flower magnet.

    $5.00 MAG:S654
  • Jumping Jack Woman Magnet

    Festive Painted Jumping Jack Woman Magnet

    $8.00 MAG:T425
  • Deer Foot Bottle Opener

    Besides being a great talking piece, this deer foot bottle opener is a great gift item and will be sure to be the center of attention.

    $22.00 GIFT:FL24026
  • Antler Bottler Opener

    Imported from Germany

    $32.00 GIFT:960
  • Genuine Stag Horn handle bottle opener

    This stag horn bottle opener is one-of-a-kind.

    $16.00 KNI:9-59
  • Large Red Felt Purse

    This large purse is made from red and gray felt and perfect for everyday use.

    $75.00 GIFT:TA22300-2X-8087-RE
  • Pink Felt Edelweiss Heart Purse

    Perfect cross body purse for any dirndl or to wear for a night out.

    $45.00 GIFT:TA22210-4144-PI
  • Bavarian Almgirl Apron

    Festive apron has a woman wearing traditional German attire on it.

    $20.00 APR:Bavarian Almgirl
  • “A Toast Of Coziness” Music Box

    Small music box that plays “A Toast Of Coziness” song.

    $10.00 GIFT:59300D
  • “In Munich Stands A Hofbräuhaus” Music Box

    Small music box that plays “In Munich Stands A Hofbräuhaus” song.

    $10.00 GIFT:59300A
  • “Maker of Santas” Smoker

    This Santa maker smoker is helping to create the wonderful Santa decorations we all love to display around Christmas time.

    $89.00 SMO:R-9916-19
  • “So A Day As Beautiful As Today” Music Box

    Small music box that plays “So A Day As Beautiful As Today” song.

    $10.00 GIFT:59300B
  • “There Is No Beer In Hawaii” Music Box

    Small music box that plays “There Is No Beer In Hawaii” song.

    $10.00 GIFT:59300C
  • Blue And Red Dirndl Bear

    Plush, beige colored bear with adorable dirndl outfit in black checkered and red color scheme.

    $25.00 BEAR:91318
  • Blue and Pink Dirndl Bear

    Plush, beige colored bear with adorable dirndl outfit in blue checkered and pink color scheme.

    $25.00 BEAR:91418
  • Pink and Green Dirndl Bear

    Plush, beige colored bear with adorable dirndl outfit in pink checkered and green color scheme.

    $25.00 BEAR:91218
  • Stuffed Bear with Plaid shirt and Lederhosen

    Stuffed bear comes with plaid shirt and synthetic leather lederhosen. 22cm tall. Imported from Germany.

    $15.00 BEAR:PA86022
  • Boy bear with plaid shirt

    14 inches bear with lederhosen and red or blue plaid shirt.

    $20.00 Bear:86350
  • German bear with red plaid shirt

    Tan bear dressed in traditional German clothing. Measures 12″ in height. Imported from Germany.

    $35.00 BEAR:PA80020 RE
  • 11 1/2 inch boy Bear

    This bear is wearing a green and red lederhosen with white shirt, multi-colored jacket and matching green hat.

    $35.00 BEAR:80365
  • 11 1/2 inch Girl Bear

    This bear is wearing a green and red dirndl with white apron and blouse.

    $35.00 BEAR:80372
  • 2 X 3 ft German Flag with Post

    A large German flag measuring 35″x24″. Includes a 45″ long wooden post.

    $18.00 GIFT:017391
  • 3 X 5 ft Bavarian flag

    3′ x 5′ Bavarian flag with grommets.

    $10.00 GIFT:26-18
  • 3 X 5 ft German Flag

    3′ x 5′ German flag with grommets.

    $10.00 GIFT:26-17
  • 3 X 5 ft German Flag with Shield

    3′ x 5′ German eagle flag with grommets.

    $10.00 GIFT:26-17E
  • 3 X 5 inch American Flag

    3×5″ Made in the USA. Stand is for display purposes only.”

    $3.50 GIFT:26-14 A
  • 3D Decal

    Self sticking 3D “A” decal.

    $6.00 DECAL:OVAL-A3D
  • 4 X 6 inch German flag

    German flag on plastic stick.

    $4.00 GIFT:26-15 G
  • 12 X 18 inch German Flag on Stick

    12″ x 18″ flag on a stick. Made in the USA.

    $6.00 GIFT:26-16
  • Antiqued Cowbell- Edelweiss fur band

    Large antique brass bell with genuine fur band.

    $30.00 BELL:275a40
  • Lion Magnet

    Imported from Germany

    $6.00 MAG:01661
  • Pretzel Magnet

    German pretzel magnet with salt detail.

    $9.00 MAG:030502
  • Dangling Man Magnet

    Humorous magnet featuring a German man wearing lederhosen and an alpine hat.

    $6.00 MAG:0324010
  • Gnome Magnet

    Delightful German magnet featuring a red-capped gnome holding an orange flower.

    $6.00 MAG:03240116

Traditional Novelty Gifts

Traditional German Novelty gifts are very famous worldwide. Ernst Licht provides you with a range of affordable German novelty gifts for men and women.

From German and Bavarian flags, to car decals and gnomes. This is the perfect stop when looking for a gift. Find something special for those who are proud of their German heritage.