• Cruising Gnome with lights

    The perfect addition to any car enthusiast’s garden. Figure is approximately 9 inches high. Solar LED light is long lasting and has on/off switch. Automatically turns on at dusk and shuts off at dawn.

    $20.00 GIFT:S-BGD350Gnome
  • Fishing Gnome

    This gnome is made in Germany and features a gnome sitting on a rock with a fishing pole holding a fish. Approximately 12 inches tall.

    $62.00 GNO:64011
  • Gnome with Squirrel

    Plastic gnome with squirrel. Imported from Germany. Measures approximately 10 3/4″.

    $47.00 GNO:64020
  • Vintager Gnome

    This gnome features a vintager, which also sometimes referred to a grape harvester. It is approximately 18 inches high. Made in Germany.

    $55.00 GNO:63545

German Gnomes

Traditional German gnomes are a must have for garden lovers. Each gnome is made of strong, durable plastic. Our gnomes are featured in cute postures such as a gnome with a wheelbarrow and a gnome with a fishing rod.
These gnomes are the perfect lawn and garden accessory and have been a popular item for many years. These German gnomes are built to last and are featured at unbeatable prices!