Traditional Hats

  • Alpine Hat Black

    Black wool hat.

    $69.00 HAT:2-8
  • Gray Felt trenker hat

    Gray wool hat.

    $69.00 Hat:2-6
  • Alpine Hat

    One of our most popular German style hats- green felt hat with multi-colored feather.

    $39.00 HAT:2-9
  • Felt Hat

    Green felt hat with a brown feather.

    $32.00 ST55-06
  • Ladies Red Hat with Hemp or Green Cord

    Ladies red hat and hemp or green cording around base.

    $32.00 HAT:ST55-08
  • Men’s Country Olive hat

    This German imported hat is made from 100% wool and features a feather, feather holder with buttons, and roping with bow tied on back. Made in Germany.

    $59.00 HAT:55-68
  • Men’s Miesbacher Hat

    Traditional Men’s Miesbacher green velour hat.

    $345.00 HAT:2-2
  • Ladies Miesbacher Hat

    Traditional Ladies Miesbacher green velour hat.

    $325.00 HAT:2-3

Traditional German Hats

Men’s Traditional German Hats – The Perfect Accessories for German Outfits

Traditional German hats are the perfect accessories for any Bavarian outfit. You can wear them with casual clothes or traditional attire. These men’s Alpine hats are available in various styles and in many sizes to fit most men.

We have country, felt, Alpine, trenker, and jaeger hats. Our products feature small details, which include feathers, buttons, and cording. The fabric of the hats varies depending on style, but we use top-grade materials no matter which you choose. Our German winter hat collection features both American made and German imported products to fit your unique Bavarian style.

Check out our Bavarian hats for sale to find the perfect accessory to complement your outfit. We have the perfect traditional German hat for you.