Feathers & Gamsbarts

  • Black and Green Feather with Dots

    A feather pin to certainly make a statement on your German hat.

    $26.00 FEA:024 589 200
  • 2 1/2 inch Gamsbart

    Thin 2 1/2 inch gamsbart with 1 1/2 inch holder.

    $15.00 Fea:318
  • 2 1/2 inch Gamsbart with Edelweiss

    Gamsbart with edelweiss and felt.

    $26.00 FEA:310
  • 6 inch Gamsbart

    Green fringe with stag medallion. Made in Germany.

    $42.00 FEA:316
  • 3 1/4 inch Gamsbart

    3 1/4 inch gamsbart with 1 1/2 inch holder.

    $32.00 Fea:317
  • 4″ Colorful Feather

    Colorful feather with holder.

    $12.00 FEA:93-04
  • 5 inch Gamsbart

    Gamsbart with antiqued silver plated gamsholder.

    $45.00$49.00 FEA:313
  • 6″ Gamsbart Holder

    Light hair colored Gamsbart made from badger.

    $41.00 FEA:319
  • All White Plume Verein Feather

    German-made all white Verein plume feather.

    $60.00 FEA:303
  • Blue and Green Feather

    Colored hen feathers and ringneck pheasant feathers.

    $25.00 FEA:H1455
  • Boar Holder Curved Gamsbart

    Genuine curved gamsbart with silver boar gamsbart holder.

    $102.00 FEA:SB381
  • Colorful feather with gamsbart

    Colorful feather with gambart.

    $48.00 FEA:200-392-484
  • Deer fur

    Deer fur hat embellishment.

    $13.00 FEA:311
  • Deer Hair and Mallard Feather

    Deer hair feather with mallard and golden pheasant feathers.

    $37.00 FEA:473-2
  • Deer Hair and Pheasant Feather

    Deer hair feather with ringneck pheasant and golden pheasant feathers.

    $24.00 FEA:625
  • Deer Hair Colorful Feather

    Deer hair feather with colored hen feathers and ringneck pheasant feathers. Made in Germany.

    $22.00 FEA:973
  • Edelweiss feather hat pin

    This hat pin features colorful feathers in green, red, gold and tan attached to a metal edelweiss pin.

    $24.00 FEA:STF1827
  • Feather with Elk Pin

    Colored feathers attached to Elk pin.

    $39.00 FEA:200-679-477
  • Gamsbart with feathers

    Gamsbart with feather. Natural bristles, mallard and golden pheasant feathers.

    $33.00 FEA:312
  • Gamsbart with Ram holder

    Gamsbart with Ram head holder.

    $24.00 FEA:331
  • Gamsbart with Silver Holder

    Gamsbart with silver holder.

    $39.00 FEA:314
  • Hakel feather

    Black and white Hakel feather.

    $28.00 FEA:307
  • Large feathers with small red feathers hat pin

    This hat pin features large white, green and black feathers.

    $15.00 FEA:93-09
  • Large Hat Feather

    Made of black and white dotted feather, red feather, and iridescent black/green feathers.

    $30.00 FEA:332
  • Large Tan and Green feather

    Large feather with white bottom featuring tan, orange and green feathers.

    $25.00 FEA:024 589 215
  • Mallard Feather Pin

    Mallard feather pin.

    $29.00 FEA:200-679
  • Medium Colored Feather with Edelweiss Holder

    Orange, brown, white, and red feather with silver edelweiss holder.

    $16.00 FEA:024 589 910
  • Multi Color Feather

    Colored feather with ringneck pheasant feathers, mallard feathers, and golden pheasant feathers.

    $20.00 FEA:709
  • Plume Feather with Edelweiss holder

    Made from fowl feathers.

    $28.00 FEA:305
  • Red and dotted white feather

    Red feather and white dotted feather are featured

    $8.50 FEA:93-07
  • Small Colorful Feather with Edelweiss Holder

    Red, yellow, white, black and brown feather with silver edelweiss holder.

    $15.00 FEA:024 589 904
  • Small Gamsbart with edelweiss holder

    Small Gamsbart with edelweiss holder.

    $12.50 FEA:024 589 800
  • Squirrel holder feathers

    Squirrel feather holder with colorful feathers of blue, green and orange.

    $37.00 FEA:200-528-455
  • Stag feather and Gamsbart hat pin

    This feather features a gamsbart with colorful feathers attached to a stag deer pin.

    $45.00 FEA:STF188283
  • Traditional German Dancing Feather

    Authentic German white plume feather with colored brown tip is traditionally worn on the Miesbacher hat. Featured in men, women, and vorplattler styles.


    $60.00$90.00 Feather 301 302 304
  • Men’s Verein Feather Light Tip

    German Verein feather for men. This 12 1/2″ feather is reminiscent of an eagle feather and is worn by dancers who are following Tracht guidelines. This is a discontinued style due to the atypical light tan tip.

    $60.00 FEA:304LT