Beer Steins

  • Mountain Scene Austria Beer Stein

    Austria beer stein with dancing couple on the front.

    $130.00$160.00 STE:K307A1
  • Multicolor German Flag Stein

    Hand painted German stein with flags on both sides.

    $120.00 STE:Z1633996
  • Munchen Oktoberfest Beer Stein with Pretzel Handle 1/2 liter

    Oktoberfest beer stein with Munchen city scene.

    $145.00 STE:Z1670906-1/2
  • Munchen Stein 1/2 liter

    Munchen beer stein with a mountaineer handle.

    $135.00 STE:K305BSM-1/2
  • Neuschwanstein Beer Stein with City Crest

    Neuschwanstein with city crest.

    $90.00$135.00 STE:K305N
  • Neuschwanstein Castle Stein 1/2 liter

    Blue and gray Neuschwanstein castle stein.

    $90.00 STE:Z13332061-1/2
  • Neuschwanstein Lion Stein 1/2 liter

    Neuschwanstein/Deutschland rustic stein with hand painted cities.

    $185.00 STE:Z18339013-1/2
  • Neuschwanstein Stein 1/2 liter

    Neuschwanstein beerstein with a pewter castle on the front.

    $205.00 STE:Z14239007-1/2
  • Oktoberfest Drinking Stein Painted

    Oktoberfest scene with a solid pewter lid.

    $150.00$270.00 STE:K009Z-1/2
  • Oktoberfest Munchen Portal Stein 3/4 liter

    Oktoberfest stein with opening portal on front (enlarged photo shows portal open and closed). Measures 3/4 Liter. Handpainted, rustica style. Solid pewter, beerwagon lid. Imported from Germany.

    $365.00 STE:K016RUBW-3/4
  • Oktoberfest Souvenir Pointed Lid 1/4 liter

    Oktoberfest Munich Stein.

    $65.00 STE:D25028-1/4
  • Oktoberfest Stein

    King Oktoberfest stein in grey/blue color.

    $95.00$120.00 STE:K0200SGWI
  • Oktoberfest Stein 4/10 liter

    Limited edition beer stein with a solid pewter lid.

    $125.00 STE:K200K-4/10
  • Oktoberfest Stein

    Beer stein with solid pewter lid. Available in 3/4 liter. Imported from Germany.

    $180.00 STE:K200-3/4
  • Oktoberfest Themed Stein with Beer Maid topper 1/2 liter

    Oktoberfest stein with pewter horse and wagon design with gold details.

    $195.00 STE:Z14239150-1/2
  • Old Germany Black Beer Stein

    Black beer stein with a silver eagle on the front.

    $120.00$150.00 STE:K451SBG
  • Old Austria Black Stein 1/2 liter

    Old Germany black beer stein with pewter application.

    $115.00 STE:K451SBA-1/2
  • Painted Panorama Neuschwanstein Stein

    Panorama Neuschwanstein stein.

    $90.00$110.00 STE:D26657
  • Panorama Neuschwanstein Stein 1/4 Liter

    Panorama Neuschwanstein stein in grey and blue color. Measures 1/4 liter.

    $65.00 STE:D26659-1/4
  • Panorama Oktoberfest Stein 1/2 liter

    Hand painted Panorama Oktoberfest Beer Stein.

    $150.00 STE:Z1759906 1/2
  • Red Baron Beer Stein 1/2 liter

    Red Baron military stein with the Red Baron airplane on top.

    $200.00 STE:Z19429915 1/2
  • Relief Frankfurt Stein 1/4 liter

    Frankfurt relief stein with solid pewter lid.

    $100.00 STE:Z1422606F 1/4
  • Relief Ornament Stone Stein 1/2 liter

    Relief ornament stone brown stein.

    $125.00 STE:K6003SB-1/2
  • Rhine Castle with Jousting Knight Beer Stein

    Beer stein with castle scene featuring jousting knight.

    $145.00$170.00 STE:K1000D
  • Rothenburg Beer Stein

    Rothenburg with city crest.

    $90.00$135.00 STE:K305R
  • Rothenburg Beer Stein 1/2 liter

    Grey and blue Rothenburg beer stein.

    $90.00 STE:Z13332063-1/2
  • Rothenburg Stein 1/2 liter

    Rothenburg on the front with a sold pewter castle replica on the lid.

    $127.00 STE:Z13339063-1/2
  • Rustic Munchen Stein 1/2 liter

    Rustic style Munchen stein.

    $179.00 STE:Z13430311-1/2
  • Rustic Deutschland-Germany Beer Stein

    German eagle with city crests.

    $125.00$195.00 STE:K1004RU
  • Rustic Oktoberfest Stein

    Rustic Oktoberfest stein featuring musician, beer barrel, and server.

    $150.00$255.00 STE:K009BZ
  • Rustic Panorama Deutschland Stein 1/4 liter

    Deutschland stein with cities on both sides.

    $105.00 STE:Z1740906-1/4
  • Rustic Viking Stein

    Rustic style beer stein with viking on the front with Danmark” banner.

    $130.00 STE:Z13030124-1/2
  • Zither Player 1/8 liter

    1/8 liter beer stein. 5 3/4 tall. Handmade & hand painted.

    $72.00 STE:Z11219911-1/8
  • St. Petersburg Stein

    Limited edition St. Petersburg King-Werk stein is truly authentic.

    $135.00 STE:K305ST-1/2
  • Relief Berlin Stein 1/4 liter

    Zoller and Born Berlin relief stein with solid pewter lid.

    $115.00 STE:Z1422606B-T 1/4
  • Thewalt 1893 King Stein 3/4 liter

    Thewalt 1893 hand painted king stein.

    $270.00 STE:KT1337BK-3/4