Pewter Steins

  • Polishing Cloths for Fine Metals

    Perfect for brightening the pewter lid of a stein or cleaning tracht jewelry.

    $6.00 JEW:Cape-Polish
  • 2 Stamper Bayern Shot Glasses

    2 stamper Bayern shot glasses.

    $65.00 STE:A60196
  • Bayern Pewter Beer Stein 7/10 liter

    Limited edition authentic Artina handcrafted stein.

    $230.00 STE:A60194-7/10
  • Munchen Beer Stein

    Munchen beer stein made of solid pewter.

    $190.00 STE:A13660-1/2
  • Rothenburg Beer Stein

    Rothenburg beer stein.

    $195.00 STE:A10934
  • 2 Stamper Innsbruck Shot Glasses

    2 stamper Innsbruck shot glasses. Made of 100% pewter. Each shot glass stands at 6.5 cm tall. Imported from Germany. Manufactured by Artina.

    $70.00 STE:A60736
  • 2 Stamper Salzburg Shot Glasses

    2 stamper Salzburg shot glasses.

    $70.00 STE:A60738
  • Nurnberg Shot Glass

    2 stamper Nurnberg shot glasses.

    $75.00 STE:A13207
  • Shot Glass with Red Jewel

    Pewter shot glass with red jewels.

    $85.00 STE:A13100
  • Widder Wine Cup

    Widder wine cup.

    $55.00 STE:A10230
  • Wine Chalice – Rothenburg

    Rothenburg wine chalice.

    $70.00 STE:A10518
  • Wedding Couple Goblet

    Pewter wedding couple goblet for a bride and groom to drink from at the same time.

    $160.00 STE:A10336