• Children’s Jersey Blouse

    A children’s white blouse that fits perfectly underneath a dirndl.

    $11.00$19.00 BLO:K212202
  • Wendy apron

    This child’s apron matches the ladies Susie Apron.

    $22.00$26.00 APR:WEN
  • Wendy Blouse

    A children’s simple white blouse with puffed sleeves, featuring lace trim around the collar and sleeves.

    $35.00$39.00 BLO:WEN-L

Ernst Licht offers a wide selection of authentic German blouses for women and young girls. In addition, our designers have incorporated the Tracht feel into all of our creations. We also offer children’s blouses and aprons. Perfect for dressing your young loved ones up for Oktoberfest. Consider this a one stop shop for the entire family.