• Green Jessica Dirndl Set

    This dirndl features our Jessica embroidery pattern on aqua green fabric and fuchsia piping. Comes complete with white imported blouse and apron.

    $140.00 DIR:JES-MERMAID
  • Boy’s Red Checkered Shirt

    Boy’s red and white checkered shirt with beige accent. Stag buttons. Imported from Germany

    $20.00 Y-2044
  • Boy’s Style 17-7BG Embroidered Black Goat Plattlerhosen Size 5

    This youth size plattlerhosen provides a traditional German look in a slightly longer length.

    $75.00 17-7BG
  • Children’s Jersey Blouse

    A children’s white blouse that fits perfectly underneath a dirndl.

    $11.00 BLO:K212202
  • Open Shoulder White Blouse

    White blouse with tan trim, and an open shoulder style. Lace trim compliments the sleeves as well.

    $24.50$30.10 BLO:BLO-IMP-90112
  • Sale Boy’s Black Bundhosen

    Boy’s imported black bundhosen with white embroidery.

    $75.00 14-2B
  • Sale Boy’s brown bundhosen

    Boy’s imported brown bundhosen with cream embroidery.

    $75.00 BUN:14-2BBR

Kid’s sale items that range from beautiful imported German Dirndls, to jewelry only made for Ernst Licht. We also offer imported blouses, and aprons. Please click the item to see the original prices. In addition, we also allow you to return the products from our sale section, if you are not satisfied.