Dark Heather Gray

  • Men’s Button Up Sweater

    Original Stockerpoint sweater pairs nicely with denim or a pair of lederhosen. US sizes listed.

    $185.00 JAC:Strickjacke-Anton
  • Embroidered Beer Stein w/ Eagle T-shirt

    Embroidered beer stein outline with German Eagle design. Embroidery by Ernst Licht.

    $18.00$22.00 FES:EMB-T-STEINDKGY
  • Embroidered Deutschland Crest

    Embroidered Deutschland Crest design. Embroidery by Ernst Licht.

    $25.00$50.00 fes:emb-newshid
  • Embroidered German/American Flag

    Embroidered German & American Flag design. Embroidery by Ernst Licht.

    $18.00$45.00 fes:emb-2flag
  • Embroidered Germany Outline T-Shirt

    Embroidered Germany Outline design on a short sleeve dark grey t-shirt. Embroidery by Ernst Licht.

    $18.00$22.00 FES:emb-t-outctr2DKGY