Bavarian Blue

  • Ciara Dirndl Set

    Ciara embroidered dirndl in Bavarian blue with blouse and apron.

    $235.00 DIR:CIARA
  • Silver Geometric Necklace

    Color corded necklace with silver geometric pendant and matching gem.

    $29.00 JEW:HK70
  • Edelweiss Dirndl Bavarian Blue

    This Edelweiss Dirndl has embroidered edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:EDE-BB
  • Blue Print Long Apron

    This blue print apron comes in a long length that can be easily hemmed.

    $55.00$58.00 APR:PRI-APR-BB
  • Children’s Kelly Blue Print Dirndl Set

    Children’s Kelly dirndl in Bavarian blue print fabric. Blouse and apron included.

    $95.00 DIR:KEL-BB
  • Embroidered alpine tie

    This embroidered Alpine tie has the edelweiss, enzian, and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 17-3
  • Embroidered Cornflower Tie

    This embroidered Cornflower tie goes nicely with the ladies Cornflower dirndl.

    $40.00 17-3C
  • Embroidered Dancing Couple Tie

    Dance groups love our Dancing Couple tie!

    $40.00 TIE:17-3D
  • Embroidered Edelweiss Tie

    This embroidered Edelweiss tie has the edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 TIE:17-3E
  • Christl Skirt

    Red or Bavarian blue skirt with the Christl embroidery design.

    $165.00$185.00 SKI:ZIPPER-EMB
  • Tracht Skirt

    A Tracht skirt with two stripes going around it.

    $155.00$175.00 SKI:ZiPPER-TRA-SKRT
  • Children’s Jessica Bavarian Blue Dirndl Set

    The Bavarian Blue Jessica dirndl set comes complete with blouse and apron.

    $95.00 DIR:JES-BB
  • Children’s Wendy Bavarian Blue Dirndl Set

    Children’s dirndl in Bavarian blue fabric with Wendy style embroidery. Blouse and apron included.

    $95.00 DIR:WEN-BB
  • Cream and Blue Dirndl with Green Apron

    Imported dirndl is cream and comes with light blue flowers and green apron.

    $299.00$320.00 DIR:W17-70135
  • Alpine Dirndl Blue – Limited Sizes

    This Alpine Dirndl has edelweiss, enzian and almrausch floral embroidery.

    $250.00$270.00 DIR:ALP-
  • Tracht Dirndl- Made To Order ONLY

    This Tracht Dirndl is a traditional style black dress with a colored skirt. This item is Made To Order ONLY.

    $215.00$235.00 DIR:TRA