Royal Blue

  • Double Corded Edelweiss Necklace

    Colorful double corded necklaces featuring an edelweiss flower pendant.

    $27.00 JEW:5863
  • Silver Geometric Necklace

    Color corded necklace with silver geometric pendant and matching gem.

    $29.00 JEW:HK70
  • Child’s bracelet

    Children’s rope bracelet with painted edelweiss charm. Imported from Germany. Matches necklace JEW:PF11398.

    $10.00 JEW:PF11397
  • Cobalt Blue Deutschland Stein with City Crests

    Cobalt Blue Deutschland Stein with City Crests.

    $95.00 STE:D26636-1/4
  • Fran Dirndl with Apron

    Blue dirndl features a blue patterned bodice with blue ribbon lacing.

    $195.00$235.00 DIR:FRAN
  • Embroidered alpine tie

    This embroidered Alpine tie has the edelweiss, enzian, and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 17-3
  • Embroidered Cornflower Tie

    This embroidered Cornflower tie goes nicely with the ladies Cornflower dirndl.

    $40.00 17-3C
  • Embroidered Dancing Couple Tie

    Dance groups love our Dancing Couple tie!

    $40.00 TIE:17-3D
  • Embroidered Edelweiss Tie

    This embroidered Edelweiss tie has the edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $40.00 TIE:17-3E
  • Ladies Silk Shawl

    Ladies silk shawl that is available in many different colors.

    $50.00 P122
  • Ursula Spencer

    A comfortable button down spencer top with sleeves.

    $190.00$200.00 SPE:URS-SPE
  • Tracht Skirt

    A Tracht skirt with two stripes going around it.

    $155.00$175.00 SKI:ZiPPER-TRA-SKRT
  • Children’s Heidi Royal Blue Dirndl Set Size 3, 4, 5

    Children’s German dirndl in royal blue polyester fabric, includes white blouse and white apron.

    $95.00 DIR:HEI-RB
  • Christl Dirndl Royal Blue

    This Christl dirndl has filigree rose pattern embroidery.

    $240.00$260.00 DIR:CHR-RB
  • Appenzell Dirndl – Limited Sizes

    This Dirndl has floral filigree pattern embroidery on bodice and skirt.

    $250.00$270.00 DIR:APP-RB
  • Pink and Blue Floral Dirndl with Polka Dot Skirt Size 16

    Stoiber blue and pink floral bodice dirndl with matching blue apron.

    $210.00 dir:dir-imp-117119-6
  • Tracht Dirndl- Made To Order ONLY

    This Tracht Dirndl is a traditional style black dress with a colored skirt. This item is Made To Order ONLY.

    $215.00$235.00 DIR:TRA