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German Dirndls

German Dirndl Dresses

Here at Ernst Licht, we offer a wonderful variety of Bavarian and German dirndl dress. Most people, even those who have never attended an Oktoberfest or other festival of German culture have some concept of traditional folk-style dress. These colorful, festive outfits typify both Old World charm and German-style bonhomie. If you're a member of a heritage club, Trachten dancing group, or German folk music band, then you will absolutely adore our selection of German dirndls and the ability to purchase fantastic outfits and accessories online!

Women who want to buy authentic German and Bavarian dirndls now have a fantastic resource at hand. Our online catalogue makes it fun and easy to browse our entire catalogue of authentic imported clothing--German dirndls, Bavarian dirndls, lederhosen, Loden coats, pettipants and more.

Here at Ernst Licht, we're proud of our German heritage, and enjoy bringing the best Old Country artisanship to you. Many of the items in our German gift shop are directly imported here to the United States. Our Trachten wear--men's lederhosen, dirndl dresses and more--are meticulously created right here in Pennsylvania by our small staff of expert Trachtenwear tailors. Designs and materials are fresh from Germany, as well as the style and attitude that they express!

Whether you're searching for an entire German dirndl outfit, or just want to purchase a new mieder, pettipants, or accessories, you'll find what you're looking for in our catalogue. Our beautiful dirndls represent a wide variety of styles--a diversity that emerges from the many rich cultural traditions of Germany and Austria--as well as a spectrum of attitudes. Our dirndls range from coquettish to elegant, from those with rich embroidery to those with a lovely simplicity. Combined with our unique, one-of-a-kind edelweiss jewelry and other ethnic pieces, the possibilities are endless!


Authentic dirndl dress

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German Dirndls