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Oktoberfest and Bavarian Folk Music CD

What would Oktoberfest be without the lively rhythms and traditional melodies of German folk music? When we think of German bands playing, liveliness and merriment come to mind. And, we're not just referring to the musicianship! Listening to German folk music always comes hand in hand with celebration, dancing, and singing along. Traditional Oktoberfest music and other forms of German and Bavarian folk music bring the cameraderie of our favorite celebrations wherever we take them!

If you want to bring the fun of traditional German folk music into your home, where can you go to find it? You can sometimes find German music at your local record store, but there's never any selection to speak of. If you want to hear the festive hits from the best bands, you need to shop online. Here at Ernst Licht, we offer an enormous selection to choose from.

Along with the traditional German folk music that you love, we also have an extensive list of CDs with a more modern twist. As your principal source for German folk music and other kinds of popular German music, we're constantly updating and adding to our online German gift store.

German music bands frequently come to us for the newest popular festival albums. Members of German heritage clubs also rely on us to have the best selection of traditional-style music. Whether you're crazy about German culture or simply feel like listening to a little oom pah pah or polka music, we invite you to take a look at our selection!

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