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German Lederhosen

 Handmade German lederhosen are more than just costumes you air out for the occasional Oktoberfest. They're a way to share in the robust German tradition of celebration and the outdoors! In this age of speed and technology, we rarely invest in anything that we know will last more than a lifetime. These German lederhosen are a rare investment. They're an item that you will love and, even more, enjoy passing on to your children and grandchildren to remind them of a rich and important heritage.

What do you think of when you hear the term "German lederhosen"? Most of us immediately think of good times, of festive celebrations of food, drink, song, and dance. Wearing your own German lederhosen makes you feel even more in touch with the authentic German spirit!

Celebrating in traditional German clothing, the women in their colorful dirndls and the men in authentic Oktoberfest lederhosen, means keeping beloved traditions alive. There are so many German-American clubs and events that occur throughout the year--whether you're already an active participant, look forward to joining in for the first time, or just want to acquire authentic, handsewn German lederhosen, it's no longer difficult to find and purchase the very best German and Austrian folk-style clothing, steins, and other items. Browse throughout our online catalogue--we're very proud to bring a large collection of these wonderful items to you!


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German Lederhosen