Bottle Openers

  • Deer Foot Bottle Opener

    Besides being a great talking piece, this deer foot bottle opener is a great gift item and will be sure to be the center of attention.

    $22.00 GIFT:FL24026
  • Antler Bottler Opener

    Imported from Germany

    $32.00 GIFT:960
  • Genuine Stag Horn handle bottle opener

    This stag horn bottle opener is one-of-a-kind.

    $16.00 KNI:9-59
  • Lederhosen Bottle Opener

    Lederhosen bottle opener with a magnet on the back. Imported from Germany.

    $10.00 MAG:D16233
  • Mug bottle opener

    Plastic handle. Imported from Germany.

    $6.00 MAG:26-23