• Edelweiss Backpack Keychain

    Edelweiss backpack key ring.

    $6.00 KEY:L502
  • Oktoberfest Key Chain

    Oktoberfest Key Chain.

    $10.00 KEY:0108655
  • Bear key ring

    Bavarian bear key ring.

    $12.00 KEY:D16300
  • Bell with Fringe Key Ring

    Bell with German colored fringe, edelweiss print and German shield.

    $8.00 GIFT:26-2
  • Coin Purse Key Ring

    Black leather coin purse key ring with embroidery on the front.

    $10.00 GIFT:750-00
  • Lederhosen Purse

    A small purse replicated to look like lederhosen, with edelweiss embroidery.

    $10.00 GIFT:750-02 BK
  • Deutschland Cleat Keychain

    Cleat key chain. Detailed with eagle and “Deutschland” on sides and heal of shoe.

    $8.00 KEY:SHOE-GER
  • Dirndl Key Ring

    Imported from Germany.

    $8.00 KEY:D16246
  • Edelweiss Ribbon with Bell Keychain

    German-made edelweiss bell keychain.

    $8.00 GIFT:26-21S
  • Euro Key Chain

    Key chain with six different denominations of euro banknotes.

    $8.00 KEY:035291
  • German Flag with Map Key Chain

    German key chain with the German eagle and flag on one side; the reverse side has a map of Germany.

    $8.00 KEY:0712227
  • Germany Flashlight key chain bottle-opener

    Germany flag key chain with built-in bottle opener and key chain.

  • Germany Logo Key Chain

    Gold round key chain painted white with “Deutscher Fussball-Bund” Eagle logo.

  • Leather Cowbell Key Chain with Edelweiss

    Imported from Germany. Price is for single piece.

    $17.00 BELL:27g20
  • Lederhosen Key Ring

    Painted lederhosen key ring.

    $8.00 KEY:D16247
  • Nutcracker Key Chain

    Gold nutcracker key chain.

    $8.00 KEY:05407215
  • Old Germany Key Ring

    Painted old Germany mug key ring.

    $10.00 KEY:D16251
  • Small Antique Bell – Edelweiss Fur Band

    Small antique brass bell with genuine fur band. Band features edelweiss medallion.

    $17.00 BELL:275A20
  • Small Bell – Edelweiss Fur Band

    Small brass bell with genuine fur band. Band features edelweiss medallion.

    $15.00 BELL:57530