• Enzian Magnet

    Green and Blue Enzian flower magnet.

    $5.00 MAG:S654
  • Jumping Jack Woman Magnet

    Festive Painted Jumping Jack Woman Magnet

    $8.00 MAG:T425
  • Lion Magnet

    Imported from Germany

    $6.00 MAG:01661
  • Pretzel Magnet

    German pretzel magnet with salt detail.

    $9.00 MAG:030502
  • Dangling Man Magnet

    Humorous magnet featuring a German man wearing lederhosen and an alpine hat.

    $6.00 MAG:0324010
  • Gnome Magnet

    Delightful German magnet featuring a red-capped gnome holding an orange flower.

    $6.00 MAG:03240116
  • Germany Eagle T-Shirt Magnet

    T-shirt shaped magnet with German Eagle decal.

    $8.00 MAG:04772STD2
  • I Love Germany T-Shirt Magnet

    T-shirt shaped magnet with I ♥ Germany decal.

    $8.00 MAG:04772STD1
  • Light Cuckoo Clock Magnet

    Imported from Germany

    $9.00 MAG:12373b
  • Beer Glass Magnet

    German beer glass with decal.

    $6.00 MAG:12480WG
  • Bayern Stein with Lions Magnet

    Bayern stein magnet with painted crest and lions.

    $8.00 MAG:D16003
  • Beer Stein Magnet

    Imported from Germany

    $8.00 MAG:D16008
  • Diamond Pattern Mug Magnet

    Mug magnet with navy blue and white diamond pattern.

    $6.00 mag:D16001
  • Lederhosen Magnet

    Imported from Germany

    $6.00 MAG:D16012
  • Munchen Mug Magnet

    Munchen magnet in mug shape with painted city scene.

    $6.00 Mag:D16050
  • Oktoberfest Mug Magnet

    Magnet in mug shape with painted Oktoberfest scene.

    $6.00 mag:D16051
  • Munchen Bottle Opener Magnet

    Painted bottle opener featuring Marienplatz Munich.

    $8.00 MAG:D16057
  • Greetings from Munich Magnet

    Heart shaped German magnet with message “Greetings from Munich” in German.

    $8.00 MAG:D16081
  • Oktoberfest Munich Magnet

    Heart-shaped German magnet featuring painted edelweiss flowers and message “Oktoberfest Munchen.”

    $8.00 MAG:D16082
  • Bayern Bottle Opener

    Bayern beerstein bottle opener with a magnet on the back.

    $10.00 MAG:D16234
  • Deutschland Bottle Opener Magnet

    Deutschland beer stein bottle opener with a magnet.

    $10.00 MAG:D16237
  • German Bell Magnet

    Painted German bell magnet.

    $6.00 MAG:d16297
  • Beer Stein Germany Magnet

    Beer Stein Germany magnet with scenery in the middle of the silver beer stein.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-86-Germany
  • Brown House Deutschland Magnet

    Brown house Deutschland magnet.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-01 D6
  • Cowbell Germany Magnet

    German cowbell magnet.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-10-Germany
  • Deutschland Chalat Magent

    Magnet features a chalet with a banner that says “Deutschland”.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-01 D4
  • Deutschland Hat Magnet

    Magnet features a church and town set in a hat with a banner that says “Deutschland”. Measures 2 1/2 inches long and 2 1/4 inches high. Imported from Germany.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-78 Deutsch BL
  • Silver Coloring House Deutschland Magnet

    Silver coloring house Deutschland magnet. Measures 1 7/8 in length and 1 3/4 in width. Imported from Germany.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-01-D1
  • Deutschland House Magnet

    Deutschland house magnet.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-01 D3
  • Deutschland House Magnet

    Deutschland house magnet. Measures 1 3/4 inches in length and 1 5/8 inches in width. Imported from Germany.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-01 D5
  • Scenery Circle Magnet

    Scenery Circle Magnet. Measures 1 5/8 inches in length and 2 5/8 inches in width. Imported from Germany.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-140-Germany
  • Souvenir Magnet Set

    This magnet set comes complete with a cow, tram, two buildings and a bell. Each magnet is approximately 1 inch in length. Imported from Germany.

    $12.00 MAG:H065-006-145-Germany
  • Deutschland Man Magent

    A magnet with a dancing man in lederhosen surrounding a chalet and mountain scene.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-160-Deutschland
  • Oktoberfest Hat Magnet

    Green Alpine hat magnet with Oktoberfest scene.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-164-Oktoberfest
  • Oktoberfest Man Magnet

    Oktoberfest Man Magnet with legs that dangle.

    $8.00 MAG:H065-006-31-Oktoberfest
  • Oktoberfest Woman Magnet

    Oktoberfest Woman Magnet with legs that dangle.

    $7.00 MAG:H065-006-32-Oktoberfest