• 3D Decal

    Self sticking 3D “A” decal.

    $6.00 DECAL:OVAL-A3D
  • Black and White A Oval Decal

    Self sticking A” decal.

    $4.00 DECAL:OVAL-A
  • Black and White Oval D Decal

    Self sticking D” decal.

    $4.00 DECAL:OVAL-D
  • Circle Innsbruck Maria-Theresien Strasse Decal

    Circular, reflective Innsbruck Maria-Theresien Strasse decal.

    $3.00 DECAL:Decal-Innsb-Cir
  • Innsbruck Shield Goldenes Dachl Decal

    Circular, reflective Innsbruck Shield Goldenes Dachl decal.

    $2.50 decal-innsb-smshield
  • Car Hood Cover -Germany

    Hood cover featuring colors of the German flag.


German Decals

At Ernst Licht, we offer German decals available in different designs and sizes. Our collection includes decals in various sizes. That includes reflective bar, circular, square, and even 3D decals. All of them guaranteed to help you show off your German Heritage and pride. Each German decal is self sticking and very easy to apply.