Smokers and Pyramids

  • “Maker of Santas” Smoker

    This Santa maker smoker is helping to create the wonderful Santa decorations we all love to display around Christmas time.

    $89.00 SMO:R-9916-19
  • Snowman and house Smoker

    Wooden smoker with house, person and more. Nice snowy scene.

    $65.00 SMO:R-9910-11
  • Clock Trader Smoker

    This clock trader smoker wants to sell you a clock or two. If the two in his hands aren’t enough, he was 3 more on his back that he’ll sell you!

    $89.00 SMO:R-9916-37
  • Angel Pyramid

    This pyramid features angels, trees and other details. Made from wood. Made in Germany.

    $55.00 SMO:R-9938-63
  • Deer Pyramid

    This pyramid features a forest scene with deer and trees. Made from wood. Made in Germany.

    $94.00 SMO:R-9934-151
  • Snowmen Pyramid

    This pyramid features snowmen, trees and other details. Made from wood. Made in Germany.

    $49.00 SMO:R-9938-35
  • Fir Tree Arch

    Made in Germany.

    $205.00 SMO:R-A9990-68-134-R
  • Fir tree arch with Red decorations

    Made in Germany.

    $144.00 SMO:R-A9990-68-24
  • Incense Cones

    Original Crottendorfer Raucherkerzen incense cones for your smokers.

    $2.50 SMO:R-70207
  • Mini Bell shaped Pyramid

    This pyramid is outlined in a bell shape and features a Santa figure, and light pole.

    $49.00 SMO:R-9938-62