How to Dress for Gaufest

A Guide for Women Going to Gaufest

Not sure how to dress for Gaufest? This is a simple guide to help those who are unsure what to wear and what is appropriate for an event as important as Gaufest.

What is Gaufest?

The first ever Gaufest took place in America. This was at Gaufest, Newark, in 1967. It was a gathering of around 1200 people, from Canada and from all over the United States, all there to celebrate their heritage. There was a huge banquet on Saturday night, and afterwards a dance competition. There were guest speakers and dancing throughout the entire festival, making it a huge success.

Now, Gaufest is a huge 4-day festival that takes place every odd numbered year. Attractions include: The exciting Preisplatteln, many different kinds of workshops, and the big banquet.

General Tracht Guidelines

Tracht derives from the verb Tragen, which means “to wear”. Tracht is a traditional style of dress, dating back to the mid 1800’s.


Hats are always green. They are always worn, even in Church. The hat ornament holder is at the choosing of the individual. For festivals like Gaufest or other occasions, the wearer can decide a flower she can tuck into the cord on the left side.

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Mieder Tops

Black mieder tops, with silver chains and silver hooks.


Only real flowers in the front of their mieder blouse


All skirts are all traditionally around the same length for Gaufest. Approximately 15 inches off of the floor.

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Shawls and Aprons

These are usually the same fabric, and almost always soft in color. Aprons are shorter than the skirts or dirndls, to show off any embroidery shown at the bottom. In addition, shawl pins can be seen at Gaufest, featuring any sort of head you decide on, but apron pins are almost never seen.


Blouses are always white, with short sleeves. The neckline is usually square, and the lace around it is your choice.

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Sheer stockings are always to be avoided. White nylon socks are only acceptable if they have no patterns. Traditionally women wear white, knitted stockings, with the pattern varying. Knee socks are to be completely avoided.


In North America, the rules are a little more lenient due to pricing on traditional shoes. The shoes you wear must give the appearance of the traditional shoe, and always be black.


As long as it is traditional, and not modern, any type of jewelry should be acceptable. Never use any sort of plastic pins. Mainly wear silver colored jewelry, as this is what they used back in the 1800’s.

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Never wear any nail polish. However, women are allowed very simple makeup such as blush, and light neutral lip stick.

For more information, visit Gaufest’s official website!