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Oktoberfest Clothing


Are you looking to purchase authentic Oktoberfest clothing & costumes? Sometimes spelled 'Octoberfest', this traditional German festival celebrates much more than the October harvest. It's an exuberant explosion of beer-drinking, German music, folk dancing, and cultural expression. Wearing traditional Oktoberfest costumes is a great way to immerse yourself in this famous event, as well as in other fun-loving German festivals.

Think of rousing German folk music, of delighted festival goers singing along and lifting beer steins. Such a rich and traditional event is completed by those wonderful Oktoberfest (or 'Octoberfest'!) costumes. Without the women in their German dirndls (the traditional, richly embroidered dresses) and the men in their leather lederhosen, hats, suspenders and jackets the event would fall flat!

Whether you belong to a traditional German music band, or are simply a merry participant, you definitely need to find a place to buy Oktoberfest costumes! Oktoberfest clothes come in so many different styles, from regionally-inspired designs to modern takes on the old favorites, there are endless possibilities for finding your ideal outfit.

Take a look at our extensive online catalogue. Our line of Oktoberfest costumes, Trachten clothing, and German gift items is frequently updated and added to--we've made it easy for you to get your hands on the unique items, both traditional and fun, that you love!