Complete Outfits

  • Emmy Lou Dirndl Set

    This Emmy Lou dirndl set is complete with dirndl, apron and blouse.

    $249.00 DIR:EMMYLOU-M-SET
  • Ciara Dirndl Set

    Ciara embroidered dirndl in Bavarian blue with blouse and apron.

    $235.00 DIR:CIARA
  • Amelia Dirndl Set

    The red Amelia dirndl set with edelweiss embroidery.

    $235.00 DIR:AMELIA
  • Monika Dirndl Set

    The black Monika dirndl set with Phyllis embroidery on the bodice. Blouse and apron included.

    $235.00 DIR:MONIKA
  • Lederhosen and Blouse Outfit with Red Check Blouse

    They make a great alternative to a dirndl for Oktoberfest.

    $70.00 BLOLEDCOMBO2
  • Lederhosen and White Blouse Outfit

    They make a great alternative to a dirndl for Oktoberfest.

    $70.00 BLOLEDCOMBO
  • German Dirndl Set Costume Size 10 & 14

    An authentic looking German dirndl costume set.

    $75.00 DIR:IMP-ENGLEA BL
  • Taylor Sand Dirndl Brown Set Size 4

    Full brown and teal dirndl set including the apron and blouse.

    $150.50 TAY-SAND Set
  • Costume Dirndl Set size 2

    This dirndl is a great for a special Halloween outfit.

    $75.00 DIR:HH2017

Full Oktoberfest Outfits

With full Oktoberfest outfits from Ernst Licht, you can take the guesswork out when choosing a costume for Oktoberfest. It’s hard to decide which blouse and apron will look best with your dress, but we make it easy to put a complete women’s dirndl costume together. We’ve paired together everything you need to walk into your next German festival without any doubt that you’ll look great. Each complete German outfit comes with dirndl, apron and blouse.

In our collection, you’ll also find female lederhosen costumes and plus-size Oktoberfest costumes. It doesn’t matter what look you hope to achieve; we can supply the complete outfit from head-to-toe in one simple purchase.

Browse our dirndl sets and full Oktoberfest outfits to find one that suits your style.