Women's Sale

  • Tracie Short Blouse

    A red and white checkered short blouse, featuring lace trim around the collar and sleeves.

    $45.05$48.45 BLO:TRC-S
  • Shannon Short Blouse

    A short white blouse with lace detailing surrounding the trim.

    $63.75$68.00 SHANNON BLOUSE
  • Floral Lace Trim Blouse

    This ladies Pierre Marcel blouse is versatile, can be worn with denim or a skirt.

    $60.00 BLO:73110
  • Ladies Imported Button Down Blouse with Eyelet Lace

    Delicate features that take a traditional blouse and gives it a modern look.

    $77.00 BLO:BLO-IMP-5408
  • Ladies White Embroidered Blouse

    Ladies white embroidered blouse with a button down design.

    $87.50 BLO:BLO-IMP-5207
  • Women’s White Button Down Floral Blouse

    Ladies white button down blouse. Features floral pattern on bodice.

    $87.50 blo-imp-5334
  • Ladies White Eyelet and Lace Blouse

    Ladies white blouse. Also features lace around bottom of blouse and sleeves.

    $94.50 blo-imp-5150
  • Tiffany Blouse Red

    The discontinued Tiffany blouse is a traditional yet casual look for an Oktoberfest party.

  • Tiffany Blouse Blue

    The discontinued Tiffany blouse is a traditional yet casual look for an Oktoberfest party.

  • Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Beige Blouse

    Beige embroidered blouse with a white filigree design on the bodice.

    $87.50 blo-imp-5336
  • Off the Shoulder Blouse

    Off the shoulder shoulder blouse featuring buttons going down the front, and puffed sleeves with a tie up option.

    $39.00 BLO:blo-imp-2877
  • Hillary Blouse

    White blouse with a ruffled collar, featuring lace trim.

    $72.00 BLO:HIL
  • Catherine Blouse- Size 6, 10

    A white blouse, featuring lace detailing in the sleeves.

    $55.00 BLO:CAT
  • Cornflower Blouse

    White blouse featuring lace and embroidery around the neck and sleeves.

  • Daisy Blouse- Size 4, 6, 8, 14

    White blouse with eyelet details throughout the sleeves.

    $54.40 DAISY BLOUSE
  • Edelweiss Suede Belt BLACK, GREEN or RED

    Ladies suede leather belt with flowers and dangling coins.

    $10.00 494
  • Emily Blouse

    A white shirt, featuring lace and a ruffled collar.

    $76.50 BLO:EMI
  • Greta Blouse

    Beige blouse with lace around the neck and sleeves. Would look great with a skirt or jeans!

    $54.50 BLO:GRE
  • Heather Short Blouse

    A short ruffled white blouse featuring off the shoulder, puffed sleeves.

    $63.75 BLO:HTH-S
  • Helga Blouse

    An open shoulder white blouse, featuring ruffled collar and trim.

    $39.95 BLO:HEL
  • Inge Blouse

    A white open shoulder design blouse with puffed sleeves and a ruffled collar. Wear with a dirndl, skirt or jeans.

    $79.70 BLO:ING
  • Judy Blouse

    A white button down blouse, featuring lace trim on puffed sleeves.

    $45.00 BLO:JUD
  • Kimberly Blouse

    A German embroidered white blouse featuring a ruffled collar and lace trim.

    $34.00 kimberly-blouse
  • Ladies Brown Edelweiss Belt

    Ladies brown leather belt with pewter edelweiss.

  • Ladies Three Edelweiss Belt

    Ladies suede belt in olive, featuring three edelweiss.

    $10.00 22-11
  • Leather Edelweiss Belt

    Ladies suede leather belt with flowers and dangling coins.

    $10.00 BEL:494N
  • Leather Edelweiss Buckle Belt

    Brown belt for women made with genuine leather featuring edelweiss flowers.

    $10.00 T520
  • Leena Short Blouse – Danielle Embroidery

    A Leena short blouse with purple Danielle design embroidery. Also featuring a tie up design for customized coverage.

    $58.80 LEE-SDE
  • Leena Short Blouse – Floral Embroidery

    Leena short blouse with multi colored Floral embroidery featured on the sleeves.

    $58.80 LEE-SFE
  • Leena Short Blouse – Taylor Embroidery

    Leena short blouse with pink Taylor embroidery on the sleeves.

    $58.80 LEE-STE
  • Lily Short Blouse

    Women’s white lace Lily short blouse.

    $76.50 BLO:LIL-S
  • Peggy Blouse

    A simple but elegant white blouse, with lace trim on the puffed sleeves.

    $72.25 BLO:PEG
  • Peggy Short Blouse -Limited Sizes

    A short white blouse with puffed lace sleeves.

    $68.00 BLO:PEG-S
  • Stephanie Blouse

    Red and white checkered short blouse, featuring lace trim on the sleeves and collar.

    $33.15 BLO:STE-S
  • Pamela Short Blouse

    A short checkered red and white blouse with white lace trim. Also features an adjustable tie up design, for customized coverage.

    $45.05 BLO:PAM-S
  • Hillary Spencer

    A black spencer with floral embroidery on the left chest.


Women’s sale items that range from beautiful imported German Dirndls, to jewelry only made for Ernst Licht. We also offer imported blouses, and aprons. Please click the item to see the original prices. In addition, we also allow you to return the products from our sale section, if you are not satisfied.