Women's Sale

  • Light Blue Floral Dirndl with Pink Apron

    Light blue and pink dirndl with lace pink apron.

    $171.50 DIR:119135-55
  • Long Green Floral Dirndl with Red Apron

    German dirndl is tan with floral print. Green linen skirt with polka dot apron.

    $231.00$252.00 DIR:S17-63095
  • Mauve and Burgundy Dirndl

    This imported dirndl is an elegant blend of mauve, burgundy and grays.

    $238.00 DIR:W17-71050
  • Raindrop Dirndl Set

    Our Raindrop dirndl includes our Raindrop blouse, apron and denim dirndl.

    $174.60$184.80 Dir:dir-raindrop
  • Mieder Top Dirndl Dress

    This dirndl is a combination of mieder top and skirt.

    $175.00 DIR:dir-imp-50635-50-502
  • Silver and Rose Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl in shimmering pink. Bodice features pink ribbon laced through jeweled hooks; silvery-taupe and pink patterned apron is sold with the set. Modeled with Tessa blouse and necklace 2-21702 in pink both sold separately. Imported from Germany.

    $177.00 DIR-IMP 5896
  • Wine and Tan Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl with gingham skirt and embroidered beige bodice.

    $129.50 DIR:DIR-IMP-5963
  • Aurora Green Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl in lime green fabric with multi color purple apron.

    $164.50 AURORA DIRNDL
  • Fuchsia and Lavender Dirndl

    This imported dirndl is made of fuchsia fabric detailed with purple flowers.

    $209.30$224.00 DIR:IMP-S16-40055
  • Spring Bloom Dirndl with Apron

    Ladies mint green dirndl with chain bodice and ruffled neckline. Matching apron included; blouse sold separately. Made in the USA.

    $150.00 SPRING BLOOM
  • Phyllis Petal Dirndl Set

    Beautiful brown floral dirndl with a pink apron and soft pink blouse.

    $182.00 phy-petal
  • Phyllis Sand Dirndl Set

    This beautiful dirndl comes complete with the apron and the blouse included.

    $182.00 DIR:PHY-SAND
  • Taylor Sand Dirndl Brown Set

    Full brown and teal dirndl set including the apron and blouse.

    $182.00 TAY-SAND Set
  • Taylor Buttercup Dirndl Set

    This dirndl set comes with the apron, blouse, as shown in the picture.

    $182.00 tay-buttercup
  • Tan and Blue Checkered Mieder Vest

    This mieder vest is versatile, can be worn with denim or a matching skirt.

    $108.50 BLO:30164
  • Blue and White Print Skirt

    Ladies German pleated skirt in blue floral print fabric.

    $87.50 10075-5
  • Gingham Trim White Blouse with Heart

    Ladies German blouse in white with blue gingham trim.

    $55.30 BLO:20436
  • Tan Skirt with Blue Checkered Trim

    Ladies German skirt in natural linen.

    $73.50 10076-5
  • Natural Ice Blue German Mieder Blouse

    This mieder blouse is versatile, can be worn with denim or a skirt.

    $115.50 BLO-IMP-4793
  • Tan & Pink Checkered Mieder Top

    This mieder blouse is versatile, can be worn with denim or a matching skirt.

    $115.50 BLO:IMP 40313
  • Blue Denim Mieder Top

    This mieder top is versatile, can be worn with denim or a matching skirt.

    $59.50 BLO:Blo-imp 4782
  • Blue Denim Skirt with Check and Lace Trim

    Ladies German skirt in denim with navy and white checkered.

    $87.50 SKI:SKI-imp-3031
  • Ladies Black and Beige Skirt

    Long skirt with black and beige colors.

    $84.00 ski-imp-88536
  • Knee Length Tan Women’s Skirt

    Knee length women’s skirt in tan.

    $73.50 ski-imp-3151
  • Long Tan Women’s Skirt

    Floor length women’s skirt in tan color. Features leather strap at bottom of skirt. Made of 100% linen. Imported from Germany.

    $77.00 ski-imp-3059
  • Ladies Imported Button Down Blouse with Eyelet Lace

    Delicate features that take a traditional blouse and gives it a modern look.

    $77.00 BLO:BLO-IMP-5408
  • Ladies White Embroidered Blouse

    Ladies white embroidered blouse with a button down design.

    $87.50 BLO:BLO-IMP-5207
  • Women’s White Button Down Floral Blouse

    Ladies white button down blouse. Features floral pattern on bodice.

    $87.50 blo-imp-5334
  • Ladies White Eyelet and Lace Blouse

    Ladies white blouse. Also features lace around bottom of blouse and sleeves.

    $94.50 blo-imp-5150
  • Tiffany Blouse Red

    The discontinued Tiffany blouse is a traditional yet casual look for an Oktoberfest party.

  • Tiffany Blouse Blue

    The discontinued Tiffany blouse is a traditional yet casual look for an Oktoberfest party.

  • Women’s Imported Blouse

    Blue denim like blouse with embroidery. Button down. Elastic around the neck with a tie.

    $52.50 blo-imp-5426
  • Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Beige Blouse

    Beige embroidered blouse with a white filigree design on the bodice.

    $87.50 blo-imp-5336
  • Off the Shoulder Blouse

    Off the shoulder shoulder blouse featuring buttons going down the front, and puffed sleeves with a tie up option.

    $39.00 BLO:blo-imp-2877
  • Brown Sweater with Stag Charm

    Ladies German sweater in brown with jeweled stag charm.

    $87.50 BLO:ST615200
  • Women’s Lime Checkered Shirt

    Ladies lime green checkered shirt with German detailing. Imported from Germany.

    $55.00 SHI:650005-3104

Women’s sale items that range from beautiful imported German Dirndls, to jewelry only made for Ernst Licht. We also offer imported blouses, and aprons. Please click the item to see the original prices. In addition, we also allow you to return the products from our sale section, if you are not satisfied.