Women's Sale

  • Long Green Floral Dirndl with Red Apron

    German dirndl is tan with floral print. Green linen skirt with polka dot apron.

    $231.00$252.00 DIR:S17-63095
  • Aurora Green Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl in lime green fabric with multi color purple apron.

    $164.50 AURORA DIRNDL
  • Hillary Skirt

    A mid length skirt with flowers going down the front.

    $80.50 HIL SALE
  • Hillary Spencer

    A black spencer with floral embroidery on the left chest.

  • Ladies Belt

    Ladies belt featuring a tie up design.

    $34.00 22-10

Women’s sale items that range from beautiful imported German Dirndls, to jewelry only made for Ernst Licht. We also offer imported blouses, and aprons. Please click the item to see the original prices. In addition, we also allow you to return the products from our sale section, if you are not satisfied.