• Checkered Short Bonnie Blouse

    A ladies short checkered red and white blouse with lace trim surrounding it.

    $53.00$57.00 BLO:BON-S
  • Heidi Blouse

    Ladies blouse with beautiful floral lace detailing with lace sleeves.

    $102.00$107.00 BLO:HEI
  • Irma Blouse

    Ladies white blouse features puffed sleeves with a lace eyelet design.

    $78.00$83.00 BLO:IRM
  • Irma Short Blouse

    Ladies white blouse features puffed sleeves with a lace eyelet design.

    $65.00$69.00 BLO:IRM-S
  • Susie Blouse

    Susie white blouse features intricate lace on the sleeves and on ruffled collar.

    $83.00$88.00 BLO:SUS
  • Tina Blouse

    Tina white button down blouse has puffed sleeves featuring lace trim.

    $82.00$87.00 BLO:TIN
  • Alida Blouse

    Simple white shirt with intricate lace detailing and puffed sleeves.

    $80.00$84.00 BLO:ALI
  • Alida Short Blouse

    A short version of the simple white lace Alida blouse.

    $72.00$76.00 BLO:ALI-S
  • Long Green Floral Dirndl with Red Apron

    German dirndl is tan with floral print. Green linen skirt with polka dot apron.

    $231.00$252.00 DIR:S17-63095
  • Long Taupe Dirndl

    This long length dirndl is taupe with adjustable straps and lace roping.

    $275.00$295.00 DIR:S16-43095
  • Long Gray and Purple Dirndl with Apron

    Purple and gray imported long dirndl with apron.

    $325.00$365.00 DIR:W17-72120
  • Wine and Tan Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl with gingham skirt and embroidered beige bodice.

    $129.50 DIR:DIR-IMP-5963
  • Edelweiss Dirndl

    This Edelweiss Dirndl has embroidered edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:EDE
  • Black Floral Dirndl Set

    Black floral dirndl paired with our Joanne short blouse and Tract apron.

    $305.00$325.00 FLO-SET
  • Red Floral Louise Dirndl

    Woman’s Floral Louise dirndl in a beautiful red featuring colorful embroidery.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:FLO-LOU
  • Floral Marigold Dirndl

    This dirndl is a bright marigold colored fabric with beautiful floral embroidery.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:flo-marigold
  • Red Waitress Dirndl Set

    The red waitress dirndl set with edelweiss embroidery

    $235.00$255.00 DIR:WAI-SET-
  • German Waitress Dirndl

    Beautiful German waitress dirndl with various color options

    $135.00 DIR:WAI-
  • Appenzell Dirndl

    This Dirndl has floral filigree pattern embroidery on bodice and skirt.

    $250.00$270.00 DIR:APP
  • Cream and Blue Dirndl with Green Apron

    Imported dirndl is cream and comes with light blue flowers and green apron.

    $299.00$320.00 DIR:W17-70135
  • Mauve and Burgundy Dirndl

    This imported dirndl is an elegant blend of mauve, burgundy and grays.

    $320.00 DIR:W17-71050
  • Fuchsia and Lavender Dirndl

    This imported dirndl is made of fuchsia fabric detailed with purple flowers.

    $299.00 DIR:IMP-S16-40055
  • Mieder Top Dirndl Dress

    This dirndl is a combination of mieder top and skirt.

    $250.00 DIR:dir-imp-50635-50-502
  • Tan and Black Mieder Blouse

    This mieder blouse is versatile, can be worn with denim or a matching skirt.

    $165.00 Blo:Blo-imp-40478
  • Black and Red Mieder Blouse

    This mieder blouse is versatile, can be worn with denim or a skirt.

    $95.00 BLO:Edita-lilly-bk/re
  • Dancer’s Formal Trachten Mieder Blouse

    This is our black formal satin mieder blouse, it’s versatile with bottoms.

    $355.00 MIE:MIE
  • Aurora Green Dirndl

    Ladies German dirndl in lime green fabric with multi color purple apron.

    $164.50 AURORA DIRNDL
  • Spring Bloom Dirndl with Apron

    Ladies mint green dirndl with chain bodice and ruffled neckline. Matching apron included; blouse sold separately. Made in the USA.

    $150.00 SPRING BLOOM
  • Alpine Blouse

    Beautiful white lace blouse with intricate floral embroidery on the sleeves. Made to order only.

    $126.00$132.00 BLO:ALP
  • Taylor Sand Dirndl Brown Set

    Full brown and teal dirndl set including the apron and blouse.

    $182.00 TAY-SAND Set
  • Beaded Collar Long Blouse

    Blouse with beaded design is versatile, can be worn with denim or a dirndl.

    $47.00 BLO:215100
  • Black and Beige “Livia” Skirt

    Ladies black and beige colored skirt.

    $95.00 ski-imp-livia
  • Black Short Jersey Blouse

    Imported jersey black blouse with nice ruffled sleeves and a tie up design.

    $48.00$52.00 BLO:214100-BK
  • Tan and Blue Checkered Mieder Vest

    This mieder vest is versatile, can be worn with denim or a matching skirt.

    $108.50 BLO:30164
  • Blue and White Print Skirt

    Ladies German pleated skirt in blue floral print fabric.

    $87.50 10075-5
  • Gingham Trim White Blouse with Heart

    Ladies German blouse in white with blue gingham trim.

    $55.30 BLO:20436