• Paisley Dirndl

    Paisley bodice with dark green skirt and Coral apron.

    $255.00$275.00 DIR:PAISLEY-
  • Adele Dirndl

    Imported Green dirndl with a white polka dots, featuring a green leafy apron.

    $185.00$200.00 DIR:ADELE SCHILF
  • Jan Dirndl

    Green dirndl featuring an olive bodice with a maroon embellished apron.

    $212.00$238.00 DIR:JAN
  • Alpine Dirndl

    This Alpine Dirndl has edelweiss, enzian and almrausch floral embroidery.

    $250.00$270.00 DIR:ALP
  • Green Checkered Mini Dirndl with Multi Apron

    Perfect for a  mother-daughter outfit.

    $185.00 dir-imp-R117104-5
  • Long Green Floral Dirndl with Red Apron

    German dirndl is tan with floral print. Green linen skirt with polka dot apron.

    $231.00$252.00 DIR:S17-63095
  • Edelweiss Dirndl

    This Edelweiss Dirndl has embroidered edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:EDE
  • German Waitress Dirndl

    Beautiful German waitress dirndl with various color options

    $135.00 DIR:WAI-
  • Boy’s Long Sleeve Green Checkered Shirt

    This boy’s green checkered shirt is imported from Germany.

    $30.00$35.00 SHI:ME52915GR
  • Hillary Skirt

    A mid length skirt with flowers going down the front.

    $80.50 HIL SALE
  • Hillary Spencer

    A black spencer with floral embroidery on the left chest.

  • Children’s Heidi Green Print Dirndl

    Children’s German dirndl in green print fabric and apron.

    $140.00$160.00 DIR:HEI-GR
  • Children’s Kelly Green Print Dirndl

    Beautiful made to order Kelly Green Print Dirndl with apron.

    $140.00$160.00 DIR:KEL-GR
  • Cornflower Dirndl

    This dirndl has embroidery on bodice and skirt with colorful flowers.

    $255.00$275.00 DIR:COR
  • Cotton Print Spencer

    A comfortable button down spencer top. The print may vary from that pictured.

    $170.00$180.00 SPE:COT-SPE
  • Sommerblumen Mint Tea Dirndl

    This dirndl in Mint Tea has purple and fuchsia flower pattern embroidery.

    $225.00$235.00 DIR:som-mint-tea
  • Tracht Dirndl

    This Tracht Dirndl is a traditional style black dress with a colored skirt.

    $215.00$235.00 DIR:TRA
  • Embroidered Green Checkered Shirt

    Boy’s check shirt with long sleeves.

    $25.00$35.00 SHI:ME48307GR
  • Green Checkered Dirndl with Multi Apron Youth

    Stoiber green checkered dirndl with matching floral apron.

    $85.00$100.00 DIR-DIR-IMP-K117104
  • Printed Button Down Skirt

    A printed button down skirt available in different colors.

  • Solid Button Down Skirt

    A solid print button down skirt available in different colors.

    $115.00$135.00 SKI:BF-SOL-SKRT-
  • Ursula Spencer

    A comfortable button down spencer top with sleeves.

    $190.00$200.00 SPE:URS-SPE
  • Wendy Green Dirndl and Apron

    Children’s dirndl in green fabric with Wendy style embroidery.

    $140.00$160.00 DIR:WEN-GR
  • Zipped Print Skirts

    Beautiful cotton print skirt with a hook closure at the back.

    $115.00$135.00 SKI:ZIPPER-PRI-SKRT