• Phyllis Dirndl

    This black dirndl is a polyester fabric with a filigree floral pattern embroidery.

    $240.00$260.00 DIR:PHY
  • Floral Dirndl

    Beautifully floral embroidered dirndl that comes in black or plum.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:FLO
  • Alpine Dirndl

    This Alpine Dirndl has edelweiss, enzian and almrausch floral embroidery.

    $250.00$270.00 DIR:ALP
  • Danielle Dirndl

    This Danielle Dirndl has embroidery on bodice and skirt with large flowers.

    $235.00$255.00 DIR:DAN
  • Black Patterned Dirndl with Cotton Print Apron

    Ladies long black German dirndl with apron set. This beautiful dress runs very small in the waist, so order up by at least two sizes.

    $205.00 DIR:DIR-IMP-113152
  • Edelweiss Dirndl

    This Edelweiss Dirndl has embroidered edelweiss and almrausch flowers.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:EDE
  • Black Floral Dirndl Set

    Black floral dirndl paired with our Joanne short blouse and Tract apron.

    $305.00$325.00 FLO-SET
  • German Waitress Dirndl

    Beautiful German waitress dirndl with various color options

    $135.00 DIR:WAI-
  • Long Black Dirndl with Lace Edging and Print Apron

    Black German dirndl that has black detailing on the trim, with apron set.

    $205.00 DIR:DIR-IMP-113154
  • Siena Black Trachten Blouse

    This mieder top is versatile, can be worn with denim or a skirt.

    $95.00 BLO:Blo-imp Siena BK
  • Dancer’s Formal Trachten Mieder Blouse

    This is our black formal satin mieder blouse, it’s versatile with bottoms.

    $355.00 MIE:MIE
  • Taylor Buttercup Dirndl Set

    This dirndl set comes with the apron, blouse, as shown in the picture.

    $182.00 tay-buttercup
  • Black Lace Dirndl Blouse

    Sheer front blouse with lace neckline.

    $58.00 BLO:b-5050/schwarz
  • Black Short Jersey Blouse

    Imported jersey black blouse with nice ruffled sleeves and a tie up design.

    $48.00$52.00 BLO:214100-BK
  • Boy’s Style 11-2 USA made Black Cow Lederhosen

    Black suede lederhosen with green embroidery. This style matches the mens 11-2USA. Made in the USA. Suspenders sold separately.

    $100.00 11-2CU
  • Children’s Jessica Black Dirndl

    Children’s dirndl in black fabric with Jessica style embroidery, and includes apron.

    $140.00$160.00 DIR:JES-BK
  • Christl Skirt

    Red or Bavarian blue skirt with the Christl embroidery design.

    $165.00$185.00 SKI:ZIPPER-EMB
  • Cornflower Dirndl

    This dirndl has embroidery on bodice and skirt with colorful flowers.

    $255.00$275.00 DIR:COR
  • Cornflower Mountain Dirndl

    Black dirndl with purple and pink flower embroidery.

    $255.00$275.00 DIR:COR-MTN
  • Rose Garden Dirndl

    This Dirndl has embroidery on bodice and skirt with colored rose pattern.

    $245.00$265.00 DIR:ROS
  • Ladies Black Sweater

    This black button down sweater has a flattering fit on back side of sweater.

    $75.00 BLO:S-01-BK
  • Long Black Skirt

    Ladies black and beige long skirt.

    $129.00$140.00 SKI:ski-imp-ranjabk
  • Long Black Skirt with Petticoat

    Ladies black and beige long skirt is a great addition to the matching top.

    $145.00 SKI:B3001L
  • Mid-length Black Skirt with Petticoat

    This black mid-length black skirt comes with ruffled inner white petticoat layer.

    $125.00 SKI:ester-marie
  • Polyester Spencer

    Black option is a black spencer with black piping. Red option is a black spencer with red piping as shown.

    $170.00$180.00 SPE:POL-SPE
  • Kimberly Dirndl

    This Dirndl is embroidered on bodice and skirt and outlined in white filigree.

    $235.00$255.00 DIR:KIM
  • Solid Button Down Skirt

    A solid print button down skirt available in different colors.

    $115.00$135.00 SKI:BF-SOL-SKRT-
  • Taylor Dirndl

    This dirndl is embroidered with a white filigree and pink flower pattern.

    $225.00$245.00 DIR:TAY-BK
  • Ursula Spencer

    A comfortable button down spencer top with sleeves.

    $190.00$200.00 SPE:URS-SPE
  • Wendy Black Dirndl and Apron

    Children’s dirndl in black fabric with Wendy style embroidery.

    $140.00$160.00 DIR:WEN-BK