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Traditional German Bavarian Clothing

All kinds of people search for traditional German clothing, attire, or apparel. Members of heritage clubs proudly express themselves in authentic lederhosen and festive German dirndls at Oktoberfest and other events, traditional German music bands sport these lively costumes on stage, and people who are delighting in the rediscovery of their German and Austrian roots love to collect these wearable expressions of their cultural background.

What traditional German clothing items are you searching for? At Ernst Licht, we carry a wide selection of Trachten pieces. Take a look at our many different dirndl dresses for the ladies--complete outfits that are as fun to wear as they are to behold! Or, if you're looking for a new pair of pettipants, mieder, or other dress component, we sell those separately, as well. Our offering of traditional German, Austrian, and even specifically Bavarian clothing wouldn't be complete, of course, without a full assortment of authentic, hand-crafted jewelry. Ethnic designs form breathtaking and unique pieces that further enliven women's apparel.

For the men, we carry an equally wide variety of German folk clothing. Our men's Trachten clothing line includes a full selection of embroidered Oktoberfest lederhosen, German hats, ties, belts, and more. Members of German music bands, in particular, will appreciate our wide selection--there are so many combinations of lively outfits possible!

More and more these days, people want to discover their heritage and connect with their culture. Folk dress is one of the most lively ways to express your roots!