Where to Tie your Apron Bow

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Where to Tie your Apron Bow


The time has come to wear your beautiful new dirndl.  The music is in the air, the steins are full of Hofbräuhaus and the bratwurst is hot! You look great- the matching necklace, the perfect blouse, and the beautiful apron! You can’t forget an apron! The traditional German dirndl outfit includes a blouse, dress and apron.  Unlike American culture an apron is a necessity to any German dress.

But why are the strings so long?  It’s because the apron is designed to be tied many different ways. Each way is unique and signifies to others your relationship status.

Where do I tie the strings?

Oktoberfest is steeped in tradition, so it is not surprising that the location of your apron tie is one of them.  There are four locations for your apron bow tie and they all have a special meaning:

1. Left side: “Single and ready to mingle!” Yes ladies, if you’re looking for a good time make sure you have that bow on your left hip.

2. Right side: “Hands off!”  The bow on the wearer’s right side is for those married ladies to caution those tipsy beer drinkers that they are off limits. Interesting fact- Germans also wear their wedding bands on their right hands too.

3. Front: Virgin or “I’m keeping them guessing!”  This location is where you see most younger girls wear their bows. It is also for those who might not want to proclaim if the are spoken for.  Admit it, relationships are complicated sometimes!

4. Back: “Our condolences.”  When an apron bow is tied on the back, it means one of two things.  The wearer is either a widow or a server. Don’t assume that lady at Oktoberfest with her bow in the back will bring you a beer. It could put you in some hot water!

Most of Ernst Licht’s dirndls come with an apron but for those that do not, we have a variety of aprons in all lengths- long, traditional, and short (mini) to match perfectly with any dirndl.  Check them out here.

We hope this guide helps you figure out which place to tie it, for a helpful link on how to make the perfect bow, check out this video made by our friend’s video over at Rare Dirndl.  Erika does a great job of teaching you how to create that perfect finish on your apron: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpVJp9Im3Ik#action=share

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