License Plate

  • Bavarian License plate frame

    “I’m proud to be Bavarian” license plate frame.

    $7.50 GIFT:26-19
  • German license plate

    German flag license plate.

    $12.00 GIFT:905
  • German License plate frame

    “I’m proud to be German” license plate frame.

    $7.50 GIFT:2619G
  • German license plate with Shield

    German flag license plate with eagle.

    $12.00 GIFT:905E
  • German – American License Plate Frame

    “I’m proud to be German American” license plate frame.

    $7.50 GIFT:26-19GERAMER

German Novelty License Plates

These German license plate are an ideal gift for friends and family. Anyone with German heritage will appreciate these gifts at affordable prices. These German license plates are made of durable aluminum metal. These license plates are a great way to show off your German heritage.

These license plates can also hang on the wall of your home or office. In addition, they come with universal mounting slots. The license plates brand new from factory sealed shrink wrap.